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In today’s newspapers.

Education ministry continues to offer online services for parents.

The Ministry of Education and higher education announced yesterday that it will continue offering online services for parents. Enabling them to undertake student enrolment and transfer in public schools, for the academic year 2020-2021. The ministry urged parents to use electronic services, as it’s decided not to receive visitors in the education ministry building as of tomorrow. This is part of the effort to reduce the spread of COVID-19

There are plans for more green houses to boost Qatar’s farming sector.

Plans to develop 1.5 million square metres of different types of green houses in the next 2 years, is expected to further boost Qatar’s agricultural sector. A prominent Qatari agriculturist has told the Gulf times.

The agricultural sector continues to boom, and there’s a gap in production that needs to be filled. These green houses will provide 40,000 tonnes of vegetables as well as 33 million eggs, 350 tonnes of shrimp and livestock fattening and slaughtering. Said Agrico Managing Director, Nasser Ahmed Al Khalaf

Asked about the challenges in producing during the summer. Al Khalaf noted Agrico like other hydroponic farms face the same hot environment. But its products can be seen in the market daily. Our production has not stopped since 2015.

We have successfully achieved our vision of producing all year long and implementing our technology and know-how in different farms around the country.

Three held for violating home quarantine conditions

Yesterday three people were arrested for violating the requirements of home quarantine. This follows the naming and shaming of six other home quarantine violators, listed in newspapers yesterday.

This seems to be sending a clear message that if you’re lucky enough to be able to quarantine at home, then you should follow the rules. Or the authorities will take action against you. And you could be arrested and named and shamed.

Active cases of COVID-19 remain at just below 3,000. With 220 recoveries and 208 new cases.

Of those being tested, as a 7 day average we are now down to less than 5 people in 100, testing positive.

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In today’s newspapers

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