How good can a burger be? My son and I popped along to the Village Restaurant Midmac last Thursday evening to try out their new Big Bite Burger. On the way to the restaurant we were discussing our favorite burgers and what goes into them. Among the ingredients we both agreed should be in a tower burger were an egg and a hash brown. big-biteAnd we were hoping that we would find these incorporated.

Having tried most gourmet burgers in town we were wondering how The Village Big Bite Burger would compare. After all the Village is not a renowned burger establishment. To be honest we were a little worried that we were going to be disappointed. But we need not have worried.

The burger is served in the Deli part of the restaurant. On arrival we ordered a Big Bite each and a nice bottle of sparkling water. While we were waiting the table next to us was occupied by three young ladies who also ordered a Big Bite each. So it would seem the burger is popular.

When our burgers arrived we were immediately impressed with their presentation. It is said we eat with our eye’s first, and these looked delicious. Along with the burger was a bowl of fries, a serving of coleslaw, a couple of fried onion rings on top and an edible arrangement of vegetables. It also comes along with a glass of mint cooler mocktail.

Big Bite Burger

Bri started to eat his with a knife and fork, but I decided I was going to eat mine the way a burger should be eaten, with my hands. I could just get my hands around it and hold it together in a way that would allow me to get stuck in. My eyes had not deceived me. This was a good burger. Plenty of flavor and the beef patties were delicious.

As I was enjoying my burger I observed that unlike other tower burgers, or even normal fast food burgers, my hands weren’t getting covered in dripping fat/oil as I eat. The patties are homemade and obviously made with good ingredients. It looks good, tastes really good and appeared to be…. How shall I say it… err… clean if you get what I mean. I don’t know if you could call it healthy, but it’s not too unhealthy. I didn’t feel too guilty eating it. And both Bri and I were impressed with the fact it had egg inside it.

Half way through his Bri ditched the knife and fork and switched to the hands on approach. He looked at me as if surprised, and announced “this is a good burger (paused), this is a really, really good burger”. He went on to say that he would definitely be returning with his friends to have this again.

The accompaniments were good. And we discovered the fries were in an edible bowl, so we both eat those as well. But we left the edible arrangements. For QR 55 this meal is an absolute bargain. And don’t forget that includes a mint mocktail which goes very well with the food. If you like your burgers we both recommend you give the Village Big Bite Burger a go.

The only thing we could think of as a possible improvement would be the addition of a hash brown in the burger. It may work, it may not. As it is, it’s already a great burger. But when I go back next time I will request the addition of a hash brown to see if it adds anything.

Home Made Safron Ice Cream

For dessert we had a cake each and a bowl of ice cream each. Well two bowls in Bri’s case. My ice cream was their home made saffron flavor. And that is now my new favorite flavor. Seriously you have got to try it. But dessert is not included in the QR 55 Big Bite Burger price.

The Deli in the Village is a lovely space with comfortable seating, excellent service and a relaxing feel about it. We thoroughly enjoyed our meal and had a great evening out. Would we recommend it? Hell yes.


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