Just got a WhatsApp message from my son saying that he has his, and his GF’s boarding passes in his hand. Yay! Now I can relax. He actually made it to LHR on time, now all he has to do is get on the damn plane. He is flying Emirates as Qatar Airways was too expensive, so he gets a brief shopping trip in Dubai on his way over here.

Tomorrow we are booked into the Marriott for my favorite Friday Brunch, and we have lots of great stuff planed for the two weeks they are here. They will be staying in the Wyndham Grand as that was by far the cheapest deal on Agoda. Get this, only QR 340 per night for a 5 Star hotel (about £56) what a bargain. Shame it doesn’t have a bar, but my favorite first two choices Radison Blu and Marriott (Corniche) which do have bars were twice that price :O

Looking forward to a fab couple of weeks eating great food, visiting great attractions, chilling and just spending time with my boy and his future wife.


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