Whoever is in charge of social media/marketing at the Village Restaurant Souq Waqif needs a slap. Having enjoyed a gorgeous buffet breakfast there this morning, I was shocked at how few people were visiting with us. We were there for over one and a half

Plenty of people outside. Why weren’t they inside?

hours and perhaps saw no more than 20 covers. Then when we finished our breakfast we step outside and find the souq vibrant with people walking around and sat dining at other establishments. Why aren’t they in the Village enjoying one of the best value breakfast buffets in town!? I will tell you why; IMHO they are walking straight past the Village because they believe that breakfast in there would be too expensive. And/or they simply don’t know the Village is serving breakfast. And/or those who did see advertising for the Village breakfast buffet on Facebook (like me) and wrote comments asking how much it was (like me) never got an answer. Like me as there was no published price, they would assume it was too expensive, because the Village has a reputation for errr… shall we say not being cheap. Social media marketing requires a personality behind it, someone monitoring it and answering questions. The only reason we were there this morning is because I just happened to be in the Village Souq Waqif the other day and asked how much the buffet breakfast cost. When I was told QR 79 per head I decided that I would treat Brian and Victoria today because it sounded good value. Especially for the Village.

IMHO the price should be more predominant on the advertising outside. It’s great value, but people can’t see that.

And I am so glad I decided to treat them, because it was a complete treat for me as well. The Village Souq Waqif is opulent and luxurious. It has flawless service and high quality fair. It also has that ‘bit expensive’ reputation I mentioned above. But sometimes you don’t mind paying a little extra for something special. But in the case of today’s breakfast I don’t consider it expensive at all. I consider it excellent value especial considering the setting.

Breakfast at The Village Restaurant Souq Waqif
The setting is opulent and luxurious. But mostly empty when it should be full.

The buffet breakfast is very similar to that found in good quality hotels so I won’t spend too much time talking about the spread because I am assuming you will be very familiar with the type of breakfast on offer. The pictures will tell you all you need to know about that. All I can say about it, is that it is excellent quality and I enjoyed every mouthful.

The QR 79 price includes a small bottle of water, a glass of fresh orange juice and a hot beverage. And this is my only gripe. I would have liked more orange juice. We were allowed to swap our hot beverage for a second glass of orange juice, which we all did, but that meant at the end of the meal we had no coffee to look forward to.

Will we be going back? Oh yes! I just hope they can get their numbers up to make it viable so that they keep the breakfast going. We would like it to still be available when we return perhaps in a months time.


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