CD’s are quite expensive to buy here in Qatar. So I buy my CD’s online using The great thing about Amazon is that they have a feature called AutoRip which means as well as them sending the CD to your desired address, you get the ability to download a high resolution MP3 version off of their website. So I have the CD delivered to my UK address (where it stays) and I can immediately following purchase, download my CD and listen to it on all my devices at the high quality rate of 256kbps.

Lana Del Rey Ultraviolence CD on Amazon £9 (QR 56), Download on Amazon £8.99 (QR 56), iTunes £10.99 (QR 68) prices as at 16/06/2014

The crazy thing is…. it’s the same price and sometimes even cheaper buying the physical CD than it is buying the digital version of an album. I am listening to the new Lana Del Rey album right now. It was released this very morning and I was able to buy it for £9 (QR 56) the same price as the digital download version on Amazon, and I get a physical CD version delivered as well. If I use my Aramex Shop&Ship account I could have had that CD sent here instead of my UK address (but my son likes getting the CD’s). Why is the digital download version the same price as buying the actual CD including free packaging and shipping? Surely the whole idea of digital downloads is that they should cost less because they don’t incur material costs and are planet friendly.



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