Qatar Quick is launching an internet radio station early in 2021. Hopefully January 1st 2021.

The station is for up and coming talent. Artists looking for a break. A platform to be heard in these difficult times.

Why not launch sooner you ask? Well good question, the delay is while we checkout the legality of things. Royalties and all that nonsense.

QQ Radio
QQ Radio

We put out a call for material to run on the channel 3 days ago, and the response has been much more than we could have possibly imagined. Initially we are looking for anything royalty free so that we can get going without copyright and royalty issues. Thus right now, we cannot play covers. Yeah I know, this sucks… sorry. But hopefully once we have the licensing issues sorted out, covers can be back on the play list.

For those of you that have already submitted MP3’s. Thank you, thank you, thank you. And I have to say the quality of your submissions has blown us away here. We can’t believe how much talent there is out there.

We are hoping to start running test broadcasts soon. And we will be using the royalty free submissions already forwarded to us, for the test content.

The more, the merrier. So please do not hesitate to send in anything you would like to hear on the new station by email to But remember covers can’t be played at the moment.

Once again, thank you for the phenomenal response. And please spread the word.