Every Thursday I order a takeaway meal and then tell you all about it.

This week I’m going for an Indian takeaway, and my restaurant of choice is called Banana Restaurant. Yes I know not a very intuitive name for an Indian restaurant, although in fairness it does stipulate Indian, Arabic and grills.

Right then at the top of the menu is their most selling, and there’s a Dal Khichdi and an Aloo Palak. And as these are their top sellers, I guess I should give them both a go. Dal Khichdi add to basket. Aloo Palak add to basket.

So that’s two dishes I’m not that familiar with, so I’m going to make my third dish something I know and can mark them against. And I’m going for that great traditional British dish, Chicken Tikka Masala because I know what a good one should taste like. Add to basket.

Next up is the rice, I can’t find the rice. ah there it is under the ‘Lunch’ heading, so there’s Curd Rice, Plain Rice, and  Jeera rice.

I have a feeling I should be ordering plain rice but I’m gonna be adventurous and try Jeera rice which I’ve never done before. Jeera rice is made with ghee, cumin and other fragrant spices.

Right then view basket. One Dal Khichdi, one Aloo Palak, one Chicken Tikka Masala and one Jeera rice. No cutlery, sub total 60 riyals, service charge which is delivery 10 riyals, total amount 70 riyals. Check out. Place Order. Delivery within 59 minuets. Job done.

And almost exactly one hour later my order arrives.

It’s been well packaged and there’s been no damage or leaks.

The portion sizes are generous and there’s  enough food here to easily feed up to three people very well.

So first up is the Jeera rice which because of the ghee has a slightly oily texture to it, and it caries a nice aromatic flavour.

Next up is the Dal Khichdi which was quite simply delicious. I love a good Dal.

On to the Aloo Palak. I’m not so sure about this one I can’t figure it out it’s not spicy, in fact to me it’s quite bland. And I don’t know how an Aloo Palak should taste. it’s one of their top sellers but I just don’t get it, I’m sure it’s fine just not to my taste.

Last but not least is the Chicken Tikka Masala and damn this one is good. 10 out of 10 from me, it’s a little bit spicier than normal but that’s totally okay with me, absolutely delicious.

Would I order from Banana again? Absolutely, what would I change? Well I dropped the Aloo Palak and I’d probably switch to plain rice for Tikka Masala.

Banana gets my highly recommended stamp of approval. You should give them a go.

I treated myself to an AeroPress and discovered not only does it make great espresso and americano, it also makes amazing iced coffee. Simply pop a filter in the bottom of the AeroPress, add a scoop of your favourite coffee, grab a frosted glass with some ice in it out of the freezer. Pop the AeroPress on top of the glass and fill with hot water to the number 1 marker. Then stir for around 10 seconds and leave it to stand for 40 seconds. Put the plunger in the top and press down firm but not too quickly. Oooo… just look at that. And in reality, this takes just a couple of minutes. Delicious.

AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker – Quickly Makes Delicious Coffee Without Bitterness – 1 to 3 Cups Per Pressing

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My name’s Brian Candy and this is my best mates, Steve Mackie. And together were going to take you on a tour of Qatar’s must visit restaurants and have a jolly good chat to the people behind the food as well.

Today you join us in the Crossroads restaurant located in the City Centre Marriott Marquise. Where we’re checking out African Curries.

Marriott Marquis City Center Doha Hotel – @MMarquisDoha

Brian Candy – @iCandy_pw

Steve Mackie – @BizStartUpQatar

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