Here’s a recap of this week’s top news stories in Qatar, brought to you by Marhaba, the ultimate guide to Qatar.

Starting with last Saturday, when the Gulf Times front page featured Garangao celebrations bringing cheer to children.

Garangao celebrations brought happiness and joy across Qatar on Friday, the 14th day of the holy month of Ramadan. Katara – the cultural village saw a grand turnout of families with children who enjoyed the traditional festival at Al Hekma Hall. Garangao is a celebration by Qatari and Gulf families on the night of the midway point of Ramadan in honour of children, to reward them for completing the fasting up to this point, and to encourage them to continue and persevere in fasting.

On to Sunday and Qatar Tourism announces the first-ever Eid festival from May the 3rd until May the 5th. This is the regions first ever giant balloon parade, and it will take place on Doha’s Corniche. With marching bands, daily firework displays, carnival games, and food stalls among the highlights of the festival.

Monday now, and Qatar Tourism plans to double the number of job openings in the tourism sector. There’s been a seven-fold increase in number of visitors in Q1 2022. And Qatar Tourism aims to increase the travel & tourism sector’s contribution to GDP from 7% to 12%.

Tuesday and The Ministry of Environment and Climate Change has announced that the winter camping season for the year 2021-2022 will end on May 2.

And in this morning’s newspapers there’s been a crackdown on workers housing in family areas. An inspection campaign in Al Rayyan Municipality has resulted in the detection of 130 violations of the law prohibiting workers housing in family residential areas.

Here’s a recap of this week’s top news stories in Qatar, brought to you by Marhaba, the ultimate guide to Qatar.

Starting with last Friday when the Ministry of Commerce and Industry announced the closure of several branches of a restaurant in different areas for a period of two weeks each due to their failure to comply with the principles and controls of pricing increases. The restaurant branches increased their prices on food delivery platforms thereby deviating from the restaurant menu price and limiting consumer choice.

Onto Saturday and the Amir attended the final draw for FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 the previous day. And Qatar’s first World Cup game will see them face Ecuador At Al Bayt Stadium in Al Khor on November the 21st. Qatar will also play Senegal and the Netherlands in later Group A matches.

Sunday and Senegal are to face the Netherlands as the World Cup opening game at 1pm in Al Thumama Stadium on November the 21st. The Qatar- Ecuador match which was originally due to be the opening game of the tournament has been moved to 7pm.

And Qatar’s population rises to 2.81 million in February. Made up of 72% male and 28% female.

Tuesday and Qatar develops national food waste baseline. This is the first phase of a study to establish a national food waste baseline in Qatar, with the aim of formulating appropriate policies and raising awareness on the food waste issue.

Yesterday now and Qatar Tourism introduces a 24/7 hotline to boost communications. Qatar tourism has announced the launch of its tourism hotline to boost communication with stakeholders, visitors and residents. The new hotline can be reached by dialling 106 and is operational 24/7.

And in this morning’s news the Qatar World Cup is to be benchmark for sustainability and carbon neutrality Through the implementation of a slew of measures ranging from sustainable stadiums to eco-friendly transportation.

And then there’s a statement by the Ministry of Education and higher education saying that the information being published on various social media platforms, regarding the adoption of distance learning or online education during Ramadan, is incorrect. They also say the public should rely on its sources and official platforms for their information.

Here’s a recap of this week’s top news stories in Qatar, brought to you by Marhaba, the ultimate guide to Qatar.

Starting with last Saturday when it was announced that Qatar’s sovereign airspace and new routes are to be in place soon.

Doha Flight Information Region or FIR is set to be a reality with the International Civil Aviation Organisation or ICAO, agreeing to proceed with its establishment in twin phases which not only ensures Qatar’s sovereign airspace but also help the country add new air routes.

It was also announced that Qatar Airways is to host the IATA’s 78th AGM in Doha this June.

The International Air Transport Association or IATA’s 78th Annual General Meeting and World Air Transport Summit will take place in Doha from June the 19th until June the 21st and will be hosted by Qatar Airways.

And Qatar sets a new Guinness World Record. Qatar has set a new Guinness World Record for the most nationalities in a yoga lesson.

Onto Sunday and the Amir inaugurates the Doha forum 2022. Calling for an era of peace, security, and coexistence.

Monday and QatarEnergy becomes an official FIFA partner for the World Cup Qatar 2022.

Tuesday now and Qatar’s first fully electric public bus route is now open between Al Ghanim

Bus Station and City Center. And 58,000 passengers arrive in Doha in the first half of the cruise ship season.

Yesterday there was an article that the warship Simaisma was inaugurated. The Amiri Naval Forces inaugurated the Qatari warship Simaisma of the Corvette type in Milan.

On to today’s news now And the Amir opens the Olympic and sports museum.

The World Health Organisation Opens an office in Qatar.

And masks not needed in malls except inside stores from April the 2nd Which is this Saturday.

And from April the 3rd masks are optional for all students in schools and nursery’s.

Here’s a recap of this week’s top news stories in Qatar, brought to you by Marhaba, the ultimate guide to Qatar.

Starting with last Friday when it was announced that masks are no longer needed for students aged 12 and below. Students aged 12 years and under are no longer required to wear face masks in all public and private schools and kindergartens in Qatar, the Ministry of Education and Higher Education has said, while allowing those who wish to wear masks to continue to do so.

Saturday and the front page of the Gulf Times carries the story that Qatar and the United States are celebrating 50 years of diplomatic relations. The US embassy in Doha has underscored the strong and deep-rooted relations between Qatar and the US, marking the two countries 50th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations.

On Sunday it was announced that creative industry leaders and trailblazers in Qatar and from across the globe will gather in Doha from March 25 to 31 for the latest edition of #QatarCreates.

A dynamic national movement that promotes and celebrates Qatar’s diverse cultural scene and boosts the creative economy through exchange, dialogue and collaboration within the fields of art, architecture, fashion, design, and digital culture.

On to Monday and Germany to expedite long term purchase of LNG from Qatar was the Gulf Times headline.

Tuesday and applications for the FIFA Qatar 2022 volunteer programme are now open.

FIFA president Gianni Infantino announced the launch of the Volunteer Programme during a glittering ceremony at Katara Amphitheatre the previous day.

Yesterday now and 800 consumer goods to be sold at reduced prices for Ramadan. In a post on social media, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry said the following goods constitute the most important family requirements during Ramadan:

Flour and its products, cereals and cornflakes, yoghurt and dairy products, powdered and condensed milk, cheese, juice, ghee, yeast, salt, edible and cooking oils, honey, sugar, coffee and related products, dates, mineral and bottled water, tin foil (aluminium), paper napkins, washing powder, trash bags, and pastries and pasta.

And in this morning’s news Qatar launches accommodation and Hayya Card websites for the World Cup.

After purchasing FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 tickets fans should apply for a Hayya Card   which will  be mandatory to attend matches. The Hayya Card will provide a number of benefits including free public transport for ticket holders on match days. It will also act as an entry permit to Qatar for international visitors. And fans from outside Qatar can now book accommodation via the dedicated ‘host country accommodation portal’ which will offer various options throughout the year such as apartments, villas, and cruise ship cabins.

Here’s a recap of this week’s top news stories in Qatar, brought to you by Marhaba, the ultimate guide to Qatar.

Starting with last Friday when the validity of booster dose immunity or COVID recovery was extended to 12 months according to the Ministry of Public Health.

On Saturday US officially designated Qatar as a major non NATO ally.

And buffet service is to resume in restaurants. The Ministry of Commerce and Industry has announced the resumption of open buffet services for licenced restaurants.

On Sunday The Ministry of Commerce and Industry shut 51 shops including kitchens, food and consumer stores, and cafes for increasing prices. The shops were closed for a period ranging from one week to one month after it was found that they had increased their prices on delivery platforms compared to the prices recorded within their store.

Monday and five new schools to open in the 2022 to 2023 academic year.

And then on Tuesday the Private Schools Licencing Department of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education revealed that there are over 62,000 vacant seats in private schools and kindergartens.

Yesterday there was an announcement that health apps of GCC and EU countries are now valid for travel to Qatar.

And in this morning’s newspapers, 24 recruitment offices have been shut for violating rules. The Ministry of Labour has announced the closure of 24 offices for the recruitment of workers from abroad due to non-compliance with the terms of contracts with employers and violating the ministries decisions regulating recruitment offices.