Watch this stunning video, and get blown away by the pure talent’s of this locally based singer, songwriter.

Her new single is out now on all streaming platforms:

Elisa Astrid is an independent singer, songwriter and producer

Elisa Astrid is an independent singer, songwriter and producer from Latvia, based in Qatar. Otherworldly beats, introspective lyrics and her velvety voice will take you on an ecstatic journey through life experiences of a young artist. “I see life through constant movement. Just like Earth does not stop rotating, my thoughts aren’t static. Neither is my music. I see life through different lenses and characters that live inside of me.” Her music is raw emotion that lies in the nature of human beings. 

Elisa has been on a music journey since the age of 6 when she wrote her first song, about her cat Leo who sadly passed away. As a classically trained pianist, this instrument is a vital part of her songwriting process. Having explored the classical music world, she moved on to creating commercial music, inspired by the likes of Erykah Badu, Nina Simone, Rihanna and Alicia Keys. In her teenage years Elisa took part in singing competitions well recognised her homeland and internationally. Having become a confident performer, her desire to extend her skills and to become an exceptional artist led to her moving to London. For three years Elisa studied Commercial Music Performance and graduated as a Bachelor of Music and later completed a Masters Degree in Sound Engineering at the University of Westminster. Through constant experimentation, It wasn’t long till Astrid discovered electronic music and directed her passion towards production, sound design and sound engineering which grew into love for analogue synthesisers and other hardware. 

Elisa Astrid has self released an EP called “Blind Silence” that is exclusively available on Soundcloud, which got publicity in the UK and the United States. She had also supported a Texan electronic funk band called “Sphynx” on their UK tour at a legendary venue “The Troubadour”. 

About the song and the music video:

I wrote the lyrics for ‘Will I Ever’ on a sunny afternoon in London. I had just broken up with my boyfriend at the time and deep down still hoped that one day we would get back together. The feelings for my first love were so strong that I didn’t want to accept it was over. So much so that I wanted to believe it was all just a dream. “We shot the music video in the desert of Qatar because of its unique, raw and unorthodox beauty. I find inspiration in simplicity and stillness. I love walking around the Souq, inhaling the richness of local culture and admiring people’s livelihood. I want to show Qatar from a different perspective that is my own. This song is about loneliness, longing, hope and feeling small. Being in the desert all alone is a visual for my heartbreak.”

I’m starting to get into the spirit of Christmas already. And I’m not the only one. With retailers already putting up their Christmas displays. With so many that would normally have travelled home for the holidays, not being able to this year (THANK YOU VERY MUCH COVID!). I’m hoping for something nice and festive in the hotel’s and restaurants to make Christmas in Qatar a bit more… well… Christmasy. Qatar has, shall we say, reduced the prominence of Christmas over the previous few years. Anyway here’s hopping.

IKEA Doha Festival City


It’s Wednesday 14th October, this is the news in 60 seconds

In today’s newspapers

Quarantine requirements for all arrivals extended until December the 31st.

A necessary precaution by Qatar. And with precautions in place globally. I’m sad to say, I for one will not be going home for Christmas this year. Time to book a Qatar Christmas staycation, me thinks.

Labour re employment platform updated.

The system will allow companies to search for available staff no longer required by their current employer. And then simplify the transfer process.

Qatar ranks first globally on Digital Accessibility Rights Evaluation Index.

The index is a benchmarking tool for disability advocates, governments, civil societies, international organisations, and policymakers, to trace a countries progress in making Information and Communications Technology accessible for all.

And Qatar is at the top of the list.

Active cases of COVID-19 are now 2,812 which is up by a further 17 cases.

3.52% of those tested, tested positive. Which is down on yesterday.

And 20 cases were returning travelers, who are now in quarantine.

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That’s all for today. Take care, and I’ll see ya tomorrow.

Warning: This is completely unscripted and the commentary is dreadful

As there has been no news worthy of the News in 60 Seconds for the last 2 days. I thought I would do something different. And walk you around the Souq on the route I would take if I was guiding a coach full of visitors. We would cover the Spice Souq, Pet Souq, Camel Pen, Arabian Horse stables and the Falcon Souq. The tour would normally take 45 minuets, but this one is speedy and will take us around 16 minuets to have a good stroll around the COVID-19 period Souq Waqif.