It’s Wednesday 14th October, this is the news in 60 seconds

In today’s newspapers

Quarantine requirements for all arrivals extended until December the 31st.

A necessary precaution by Qatar. And with precautions in place globally. I’m sad to say, I for one will not be going home for Christmas this year. Time to book a Qatar Christmas staycation, me thinks.

Labour re employment platform updated.

The system will allow companies to search for available staff no longer required by their current employer. And then simplify the transfer process.

Qatar ranks first globally on Digital Accessibility Rights Evaluation Index.

The index is a benchmarking tool for disability advocates, governments, civil societies, international organisations, and policymakers, to trace a countries progress in making Information and Communications Technology accessible for all.

And Qatar is at the top of the list.

Active cases of COVID-19 are now 2,812 which is up by a further 17 cases.

3.52% of those tested, tested positive. Which is down on yesterday.

And 20 cases were returning travelers, who are now in quarantine.

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Warning: This is completely unscripted and the commentary is dreadful

As there has been no news worthy of the News in 60 Seconds for the last 2 days. I thought I would do something different. And walk you around the Souq on the route I would take if I was guiding a coach full of visitors. We would cover the Spice Souq, Pet Souq, Camel Pen, Arabian Horse stables and the Falcon Souq. The tour would normally take 45 minuets, but this one is speedy and will take us around 16 minuets to have a good stroll around the COVID-19 period Souq Waqif.

It’s Wednesday 6th of May, this is the news in 60 seconds

In The Peninsula today – The Ministry of Public Health is going to carry out 2,500 random COVID-19 test. Volunteers will be selected randomly based upon age, gender and ethnicity. And will be invited by text message to attend one of three drive through swabbing hubs. They will answer a questionnaire and have nose and throat swabs taken. The aim of the exercise is to gain more insight into community transmission and A-sympto-matic cases. Which will in turn inform policy decisions.

The gradual reopening of the quarantined Industrial Area continues today. With the reopening of streets 1 to 32 for company staff. Material will also be allowed to move, but will require preapproval first.

Qatar’s COVID-19 mortality rate among the lowest in the world at just 0.1% of reported infections.

And Qatari sea ports saw a 247% rise in general cargo during April.

And finally

The Ministry of Public Health Tweet on COVID-19, 951 new cases, 114 Recoveries and no new additional deaths.

The Qatar News in 60 Seconds – Wednesday 6th May 2020

Read by Brian Candy – Twitter: @iCandy_pw

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While visiting Katara pre Covid 19 I discovered their exercise trail. Nestled up high, with the distant Pearl development to one side and the Lusail Highway on the other. It really is a great place to run or walk. Or just chill out and enjoy the green space if you are not feeling energetic.

There are several ways to the exercise trail. However the easiest is to approach from the Al Qassar Doha Metro station. Just follow the Katara exit signs and when you reach ground level simply cross the road near the security. Continue walking and take the first left after passing the ornate street light (photo below left). Its quite a big road – see photo below right.

English Park

The whole area is reminiscent of an English park due to its many trees, huge grassy expanses and park benches. Not to mention picnicking families and kids enjoying themselves playing or running up and down the hills.

If you want some peace and quiet it’s a great place to come and read a book or listen to some music.

Katara Exercise Trail distance markers

The trail itself is purple colour and made of that bouncy rubbery stuff. So that makes it easier on your knees if running. Furthermore it features distance markers so you know how far you have gone. In total, the length of the Katara circuit is around 2km.

Katara exercise trail with distance markers
Exercise trail distance markers

Its rewarding to come early in the morning. Or late in the afternoon. Consider combining an afternoon walk with dinner from Al Fanar food truck. So just order your food, sit on the beach and rest your legs as the sun goes down.

Atmospheric view of Katara walking trail
Atmospheric view of Katara walking trail

All things considered, when the COVID 19 restrictions have come to an end where better to go and exercise than the Katara exercise trail.

In today’s news brief

The Qatar Tribune lead with a story stating that ‘All Shops except food outlets and pharmacies to remain shut on weekends. The Cabinet has decided to close all shops and stop all commercial activities on Fridays and Saturdays with the exception of food and catering shops, pharmacies and restaurants with take away facilities.

Also on the front page is a report saying there’s been an additional 28 recoveries from COVID19 bringing the total recoveries to 178. And 153 new cases detected. Taking the total cases to 2,210.

On page 3 they write that ‘Vodafone rewards COVID-19 fighters with unlimited airtime and data’

The Gulf Times front page has a story titled ‘Strategic food reserves enough for more than a year’.

And on page 3 they have a story headed ‘Qatar University centre offers online courses free of cost for public.

And finally Inside the Peninsula on page 2 there’s an item stating ‘HMC helps people overcome mental distress’

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