To Do


Stuck for something to do on your day off. Why not pack some snacks, fill yer tank with petrol and head up north to the abandoned village of Jamil.

Driving within the speed limit you can get there from the centre of Doha in around one and a half hours.

You can explore the ghost town and get some great photos. But please be very respectful to the location. Don’t be selfish and cause any damage that can ruin this errr…. ruined village any further.

The Old Police Station in Al Ruwais has been beautifully repurposed as a cafe. The Arsan Café is picture post card perfect. And a welcome addition to the attractions in North Qatar. It will take around one and a half hours to drive there from the centre of Doha. But there are a number of other things to do once you get there. Like visit the now abandoned village of Al Jamil or the Al Kubaisi Educational Reserve.

A nice road trip whenever you are ready for it.