Having been disappointed by Marble Slab Creamery in Lagoona Mall, we wandered a short distance to cioccolat italiani. And this place is now on my Highly Recommended List for must try ice cream.

Service was happy and very helpful, the environment was luxurious and the ice cream was absolutely perfect.

cioccolat italiani

You can really taste the quality. I had a cup with milk chocolate, dark chocolate and pistachio in it. And it was AWESOME! Probably the best chocolate ice cream I have ever had.

cioccolat italiani

Bri had a cone with… well to be honest I can’t remember what was in it. But he had the cone filled with molten white chocolate before they added the ice cream. Just look at it.

cioccolat italiani

And Victoria had a cup with… well not only can I not remember what was in hers, but I also forgot to photograph it 😉 But she loved hers as well.

Am I going back here? Damn right I am!


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