The Education Line

The Doha Metro green line is known as the Education line due to its links with Education City. The line consists of 11 stations. It starts in Al Mansoura and terminates at Al Riffa – home to Mall of Qatar and the refurbished Al Rayyan football stadium (one of the World Cup 2020 stadiums)

Green Line stations
Green line stations

Several stations on the green line have little interest to visitors because they are in residential areas. However if you feel like exploring then who knows, you may find something for you. Consequently, only the most interesting stations are detailed below. Lets take a look!

Go to Al Bidda Park – a great place to exercise!

As well as exercising, Al Bidda park has many attractions, activities and events, read more in Brians article:

Al Bidda Park
Looking across to West Bay from Al Bidda Park

Lets hope you don`t need medical assistance during your visit. But if you do, the White Palace and Hamad Hospital stations connect you to the superb Hamad Medical Corporation and its various hospitals and facilities.

The final three stations are where the BLOCKBUSTER sights are! So continue reading if you want to see or experience something out of the ordinary!

Qatar National Library Station

So, to access the library simply exit the station using the escalator on the right and cross the road. The other exit leads to Qatar National Convention Centre which you will read about later!

Qatar National Library is Qatar`s public library which contrasts state of the art technology with ancient artifacts and manuscripts.

Show library facilities
Some of the books at Qatar National Library

There is so much to see and do – visit the outstanding Heritage Library in the basement which showcases ancient manuscripts, books, maps and texts.

The Heritage Library
Heritage Library
The Heritage Library
Ancient Texts

Furthermore enjoy their temporary exhibitions, attend a public lecture, workshop, guided tour or music performances.

The library also boasts two cafés as well as a vast array of seating – perfect for reading or studying.

Showing library facilities
Study and reading areas at Qatar National Library

See their website for further information and schedules.

Oxygen Park

To find the park, firstly exit the library, turn left and follow the pathway. Opposite the huge white Education City Mosque you will see an entrance to Oxygen park on your right. Some of this area is partly under construction to extend the Education City tram – more of which later…

Oxygen Park
Oxygen Park from above

The park features historic buildings in the centre and boasts 130,000 square metres of gorgeous green space perfect for exercise, chilling out or picnics.

Oxygen Park Garden
Oxygen Park

Take a stroll through the Qur`anic Botanic Garden……

Quranic Park
A section of the Qur`anic Botanic Garden

…….or see the small but cute Botanical Museum

Botanical Museum
Qur`anic Park Botanical Museum

Various seasonal events are held in the park and include food festivals and sports for instance. On the other hand you could just relax under the shade of the “balloon lights” and enjoy your surroundings.

Education City Mosque

EC Mosque
Education City Mosque – view from Oxygen Park

It is impossible to miss the Education City Mosque due to its sheer size and outrageous design. Some see resemblance to an aircraft tail while others don’t realise it’s a mosque at all!

Education City Mosque Minarets with Arabic calligraphy

Enter the building using the door at the bottom of the staircase and experience the mind blowing architecture inside.

EC Mosque Staircase
The Education City Mosque entrance is to the right of the staircase

After registering turn right and go to the 1st floor, as a result you will find the public facilities. There are several “I  am here” maps for reference.

Consequently, the mosque prayer hall is easy to find. Please, please remember this is a place for worship so respect the rules posted at the entrance. Above all DO NOT forget to remove your shoes!!

EC Mosque
Education City Mosque

Exit the building into the exquisitely beautiful mosque courtyard. Most noteworthy is the Arabic calligraphy and quiet garden area – perfect for contemplating.

EC Mosque Courtyard
Education City Mosque Courtyard
EC Mosque courtyard
Education City Mosque courtyard

Finally, enter into the building opposite where there is a small coffee shop. Close by is the auditorium and a library.

Why not read some books in the library?

The library stocks books, magazines and newspapers in Arabic and English. There is also a section of French books.

EC Mosque Library
Education City Mosque Library

Because the selection of books is huge, you can read about womens roles in Islam, Arabic history, Islamic finance, art and architecture and religion. Likewise, choose from politics and political Islam, human rights and policy making and loads more.

EC Mosque Library

There are a number of work stations to sit and study or read. While upstairs, you will find a more relaxed area with big, comfy seats.

EC Mosque Library Soft seating
Perfect place to read a book

See Education City Mosque twitter account for recent news and events

Qatar National Convention Centre (QNCC)

Meanwhile, to access QNCC use the Qatar National Library station exit signposted Khalifa Boulevard (North)

(Also exit this way to see an incredible art installation – Damien Hirst`s “The Miraculous Journey” – more later!)

Metro Exit for QNCC
Follow the signs for Khalifa Boulevard North

After exiting the station follow the path towards the huge building with a Sidra tree supporting it.

In Qatari culture, the Sidra tree is the iconic symbol of the country’s heritage. The tree has grown in Qatar`s desert for generations with roots that reach deep into the earth. Likewise, the tree was a beacon of comfort in the harsh desert environment and provided shade to travelers and scholars. Above all, they could escape the desert heat, gather together and share knowledge.

As a result, these principles are the modern base of Qatar Foundation and the Sidra tree is their official logo.

QNCC Entrance
The QNCC entrance with a Sidra tree supporting it

Check their website for details of the many exhibitions and trade shows hosted throughout the year.

Catch a Concert or Performance

QNCC is also home to the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra which offers a diverse range of concerts and shows. They also perform at The Opera House at Katara Cultural Village, Qatar National Library and the Museum of Islamic Art.

Enjoy a coffee or snack

If shows, exhibitions or concerts are not for you then QNCC is still worth a visit just for coffee at the “Spider Cafe”

Spider Cafe

The entrance area is ‘guarded’ by ‘Maman’ – a famous spider sculpture created by Louise Bourgeois and gifted by the Qatar Museums Authority.

"Maman" the spider
“Maman” the HUGE spider sculpture guarding the entrance

Do NOT miss “The Miraculous Journey” by Renowned Artist Damien Hirst

If you exit the station and turn left (the opposite direction than for QNCC) the huge white building you see is Sidra Hospital. This is another public hospital exclusively for women and children.

Sidra Hospital
Sidra Hospital

Follow the footpath towards the hospital and you will see 14 huge bronze sculptures which chronicle conception to birth. Therefore the final sculpture is a statue of a 46 foot tall anatomically correct baby boy.

A taster of some of The Miraculous Journey art installation

There are loads of landscaped areas around so take some time to sit, relax and enjoy “The Miraculous Journey”

Education City Station

This station provides an alternative way to access MATHAF – Qatars modern art museum due to its link with the Education City tram. Ask the helpful staff where to exit the metro station and then look for the Tram stop. Tip – its impossible to miss as its directly in front of you!

EC Tram stops
Education City tram stations

The photo above shows the current stations. Hop on the tram and in minutes you will be at MATHAF. Finally make sure you press the green button to open the doors – they DO NOT open automatically!!

EC Tram interior
Inside the Education City tram

This tram in the future will also provide access to the under construction Education City Stadium, one of the 2022 World Cup stadiums.

Several of the individual Universities also have their own museums. Check out the links below if interested (list not extensive)

Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) and Northwestern University Qatar (NUQ)

Go to Al Riffa Station and enjoy the Mall of Qatar

Al Riffa Station is the final station on the green line and as a result takes you to the largest mall in Qatar!

Mall of Qatar courtyard

The Mall of Qatar is connected directly to the Al Riffa metro station due to an elevated walkway.

Connecting bridge to MOQ
Elevated walkway to Mall of Qatar

Other than shopping, the mall has something for everyone.

In the Oasis arena, there are regular performances, concerts and screenings which are all free.

Oasis Elevated
Oasis Arena and event stage in the centre

Furthermore, try 8 pin bowling, visit the 19-screen cinema – home to MENA`s largest IMAX laser screen or take the kids to Kidsmonzo childrens world.

MOQ Entertainment Schedule
Latest event list for Mall of Qatar – check their website for updated schedules

Feeling hungry? Don’t worry – choose from the food court or signature restaurants and cafes which overlook the Oasis concert area. The Oasis also features Singapore style indoor steel trees.

Oasis arena – Mall of Qatar

Attached to the mall is the Curio Collection by Hilton hotel should you wish to stay longer. Even more great dining options are available here.

Mall of Qatar Masterpieces

A little known, but fascinating, attraction of the mall is the seven MOQ Masterpieces. See if you can find them all – they have names such as the acrobats, the shoe and the bow tie.

For example, the shoe……best viewed from directly below…….

The Shoe MOQ
The Shoe – impossible to miss as you enter the mall

and certainly my favourite – The wall of egrets.

Egret Wall
The Wall of Egrets – all photographs in this article by Phil Wright

To sum up, I hope this article has inspired you? Above all, I guarantee you will not be disappointed by any of these attractions! Happy exploring!



  1. FYI on your listing of Northwestern University in Qatar, accessible from the QNL green line stop—your link is to the university’s museum in the United States (the Block Museum of Art) not the museum here which is The Media Majlis. The link for this museum, open to the public 6 days a week, is:

    • Phil Wright Reply

      Hi Pamela, Thanks for the correction. Updated now.

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