Having invested in my new 2018 Entertainer App, I was keen start making use of it as soon as possible. So Vic and I popped into The Westin Doha to try out their Thursday night Sea Food Buffet held in their Seasonal Tastes restaurant.

Seasonal Tastes

Now without the Entertainer this would cost QR 200 each (£40 or 54 USD) but with the Entertainer 2 for 1 offer I paid a total of QR 200 for both of us. And trust me that was a complete bargain.

Now I have had a lot of buffets and Friday brunches in Qatar, and this Seafood Buffet at The Westin goes straight to the very top of my top 10 buffets. It was absolutely gorgeous. The King Crab was big and meaty and well… just totally delicious. And that was my starter course/plate sorted.

The Westin Doha Buffet

Not only was the seafood amazing, but so was all the other fair up for grabs. Their roast beef was totally amazing, cooked rare and carved to my requirements (nice and thick for me please) with some lovely rich gravy and vegetables. I could have just kept going back for that time after time.  So that was my second course/plate sorted.

Instead of another plate of that amazing roast beef, I went back to the carvery for roast turkey instead. You know it was the seasonal thing to do. Ohhh man! Succulent and juicy. So that was my third course/plate.

The Westin Doha Buffet Now I was starting to become aware of my fuel gauge, the tank was almost full and I knew I was going to have to slow things down a bit. So next I went for some fresh bread and honey straight from the comb. Simple and full of taste.

The Westin Doha Buffet

Well once I started on sweet, I simply had to stay there. So plates 5 to 10 were all deserts. I missed out on so many other options, and having gone totally nuts on sweets I also ended up missing out on the cheese board. And for that I will not forgive myself, because that was one amazing looking cheese board.

The Westin Doha Buffet

We had an amazing evening. And considering this cost us just QR 100 each, outstanding value. This was our first buffet in the Westin, and we were so impressed we could well be booking our Christmas brunch in here. No vouchers for that in The Entertainer, but I don’t care. Christmas is the most important brunch of the year, and it simply has to be flawless. And I think that the Westin can deliver, so it looks like they are favorite for December 25th at the moment.

Oh and I forgot to mention. The staff were outstanding as was their service. 5 stars out of 5 stars for everything. Not a single complaint.


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