Just before I traveled for my vacation Shari was up to QR 22 per Kilo. Now I’m back on my diet (following my over indulgent vacation) I am going to be eating a lot of Shari. So I was pleasantly surprised when I popped into Mega Mart (Abu Hamour) to discover the price is back down to the bargain price of QR 8.50

Shari Fish

I can get two meaty Shari fillets (two meals in my case) for around QR 20. When steamed with fresh vegetables; tomato, small marrow and carrots, this makes a quick, easy and affordable meal that is ultra diet friendly. But you may, like me, need to season with lots of Tabasco Sauce, Spiced Vinegar and Worcester Sauce to add a dynamic flavor.

Oh by the way; Mega Mart is the very best at filleting Shari. Carrefour is a bit ok, but always leave scales and bones that Mega Mart manages to remove, and the worst by far is Parco Mall who virtually destroyed my fillets and left bones/scales galore. Parco didn’t get a chance to repeat the exercise, I only went there once.


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