For the second time I have had the need to utilise my Qatar Health Card. At a cost of just QR 100 a year, this is an absolute bargain. Back in December 2013 I had an insect bite on my right hand that got badly infected and needed attention, then yesterday I decided my painful left food needed attention having limped for the last 6 weeks.

Hamad Hospital Emergency Department Qatar
Outside the Emergency Department at Hamad Hospital

My experience with the Emergency Department on both occasions was unquestionably good, verging on excellent. And when compared to the NHS (National Health Service) back in the UK I would say Hamad is on a par, if not possibly ahead. The waiting times at Hamad certainly beat the NHS. I waited just one hour with my bad hand, and only 10 minutes yesterday with my foot.

The doctors were superb, attentive, informative and more than capable. The nursing staff were friendly, helpful and genuinely caring. I felt well looked after, and the treatment on both occasions resolved my problems to my complete satisfaction.

HMC Hospital Food
Hamad Hospital Food


When I was there for my hand, I even got fed. And the food was spot on, and really enjoyable.

I must admit the first time I went to Hamad, I was very concerned about the treatment and general quality of the service I was going to receive. But once there I realised my concerns were totally unjustified. This is a first class public medical facility, and a credit to Qatar. Thank you so much to all the staff who looked after me so well, and congratulations Hamad for delivering such a high quality product for just QR 100 a year.

Qatar Hamad Hospital Emergency Department
The Emergency Department in Hamad


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