8,621 people were tested for COVID-19. Which according to my records is the highest number of tests performed in a 24 hour period since testing began. Of the 8,621 tested, just 2.73% tested positive. Which is a new all time low.

Active cases of COVID-19 are now 2,786 of which 40 were returning travelers, who are now in quarantine. And that’s the highest number of travellers testing positive according to my records as well.

To Summarise; the graph is on a downward trend with less than 3 people in 100 testing positive. This is an amazing achievement. Way to go Qatar.

If someone from your WhatsApp contacts, messages saying that they are having difficulty receiving a code, so they have sent it to you instead.

Or that a code was sent to you by mistake. Or indeed if anyone asks you to tell them a code sent to you at all. DON’T DO IT. This is a phishing scam. Armed with that code and your phone number, the bad guys can now take control of your WhatsApp account, prevent you from accessing it, and start trying the same scam on all your WhatsApp contacts.

This morning there are no local stories in the newspapers that I need to make you aware of.


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