* Hotel quarantine for travelers not on MoPH green list

* HMC Telemedicine Service bridges the patient hospital gap during pandemic

* Active cases of COVID-19 up by 254 to 8,412

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#Doha #Qatar #News  in 60 Seconds – Sunday 14th 2021 S1E279

It’s Sunday 14th February

In today’s newspapers

Hotel quarantine is a must for travellers not on the Ministry of Public Health’s green list from today

The Ministry of Public Health also confirmed that the existing quarantine policy for travel, and return to Qatar for people coming from countries on the green list will remain in place.

Hamad Medical Corporation’s Telemedicine Service bridges the patient hospital gap during pandemic

All new and follow up appointments across Hamad Medical Corporation’s hospitals, will be over the phone until the number of COVID-19 cases reduces.

You can access the urgent consultation service by calling one six thousand, that’s one, six, zero, zero, zero. Between 8:00am and 3:00pm on weekdays.

Today’s weather will see moderate temperatures with some clouds, and it will be relatively cold by tonight.

Doha will see temperatures between 16 and 26 degrees. Today’s lowest temperature will be in Messaid which will see temperatures as low as 12 degrees.

Now today’s COVID update.

In the last 24-hour period, active cases of COVID-19 have increased by 254, to 8,412.

10,116 COVID-19 tests were performed, and 4.48% of those tested positive.

Of those testing positive 50 were travellers who are now in quarantine.

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