On the very day that my juicer arrived I had a health scare, the symptoms I’m experiencing make me believe I could have possibly have had a minor stroke.

I started feeling ill at 5 o’clock in the morning, I was dizzy to the point of not being able to walk. I decided to take the day off work, and hopped the dizziness would subside. Which it did. But not completely. As the day progressed my dizziness reduced enough to allow me to walk and function normally but with a light headed fatigued cloudiness around everything I did.

I so wanted my juicer to arrive. I so wish it had arrived the day before. Perhaps if I had started my detox the day before I would not have fallen ill. In the last couple of weeks stress at work (that’s my excuse anyway) had me smoking like a chimney, and comfort eating to excess, oh and a couple of drinking sessions were in there as well. All this self-abuse was in my mind what had caused me to fall ill. And now I was counting on my juice diet to get me back on track.

My juicer arrived at 6 o’clock that evening. My new toy had arrived but I was feeling too unwell to play with it very much. Nonetheless something was going to get juiced. The apple juice, carrot juice and tomato juice were absolutely amazing. Celery juice and cucumber juice were shall we say interesting. But as I was feeling unwell the fun didn’t last for long before I went to bed with a belly full of random juices.

The next day I woke feeling no better. But I got up and made my first real green juice made First Juicewith apples cucumber celery and some parsley with a small cube of ginger. Today was the start of my 60 day juice diet. It had begun!

Whilst not tasting particularly amazing it was palatable. And having drunk a pint of green stuff I did at least feel full. I kept thinking that hopefully a couple of days drinking all these amazing nutrients and I would start to feel better again. However I still felt very unwell and those around me bullied me into going to hospital for some tests.

I was in hospital from 10 in the morning till six at night. I had all the tests you would expect for the symptoms I was showing, and unfortunately they all came back as normal. This was exceedingly good news! I cannot tell you how relieved and happy I was. Even today I’m still dizzy but the knowledge that I have not had a stroke has made me so much happier. And although I regret wasting the hospitals valuable time for an entire day, I’m so glad I went. And the peace of mind I have now was well worth the day of discomfort. When I got home from hospital I made another green juice, stuck a straw in a young coconut, and drank the two before going to bed.

Today I feel no better. I’m still dizzy, fatigued, tired, and miserable. And all I want to do is nothing. But this morning I made another green juice with celery, cucumber, spinach leaves and apple with a small piece of ginger. And having drunk that, once again at least I feel full. My body is getting more nutrients than it has been in a very long very long time. And I just hope that in the coming days all these nutrients are going to make me start to feel better.

Oh and yes I have cut out the cigarettes and booz. So let’s hope tomorrow morning I wake and start to feel the benefits.





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