• MADLSA to launch unified platform for labour disputes May 24th
  • Cabinet affirms continuation of COVID measures
  • No blacksmith, carpentry work on public parking and pavements
  • Active cases of COVID-19 down by 746 to 11,482

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It’s Thursday 6th May

In today’s newspapers

MADLSA to launch unified platform for Labour disputes on May the 24th

The Ministry of Administrative Development Labour and Social Affairs or MADLSA, has announced that the unified platform for complaints and disputes will be launched at the end of May, enabling all members of society to file complaints against violations of the Labour law. The platform will allow Qatari and non-Qatari workers in the private sector, who are subject to the Labour law, to submit complaints against their employers.

Cabinet affirms continuation of COVID measures

The cabinet has affirmed the continuation of precautionary measures in force to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

No blacksmith or carpentry work to be carried out on public parking and pavements

Blacksmithing and carpentry workshops and warehouses are not allowed to be held outside the licenced location, or inside homes, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry has announced.

This includes a ban on the use of public parking, pavements, or empty lots and spaces. There is also a ban on storing products and equipment related to commercial activities in public parking, pavement, or in any residential units not licenced to do so, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry has said.

Qatar’s weather Today

Doha will see temperatures between 25 and 37 degrees. Elsewhere in the country it will be between 21 and 35 degrees.

Now today’s COVID update.

In the last 24-hour period, there have been 645 new cases of COVID-19 and 1,385 recoveries. Unfortunately, there were also 6 Covid related deaths. Which means for the 13th day running there has been a decrease in active cases, today dropping by 746 giving us a new current total of 11,482 active cases.

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