* MME signs contract to build Container City

* 930 vehicles cross Abu Samra border

* Qatar museums make new discovery in Asaila archaeological site

* Active cases of COVID-19 up by 100 to 3,095

It’s Wednesday 13th January

In today’s newspapers

The Ministry of Municipality and Environment signs contract to build Container City.

The main purpose of the project expected to come into operation within four months, is to provide an alternative storage facility to citizens and expatriates. And to curb the practise of the random stockpiling of their belongings in residential areas, farms and public places. Which in turn will protect the environment and ensure health and safety.

930 vehicles cross Abu Samra border

A total of 930 vehicles crossed the Abu Samra border in the first 3 days of the land Customs Department counters there resuming work.

A total of 835 vehicles crossed the border into Saudi Arabia while 95 entered Qatar.

Qatar museums make new discovery in Asaila archaeological site

The Department of archaeology at Qatar museums has announced the discovery of new archaeological remains in Asaila which is located West of Qatar about 12 kilometres East of Umm Bab. Said to be one of the oldest archaeological sites in the country.

They uncovered the remains of important individuals who were buried on top of a plateau in large and carefully constructed burial mounds. Together with personal items such as a sword, metal tools and a golden earring.

The weather generally in Qatar Will be cold with some clouds, and hazy in places later.

Doha will see a maximum of 23 degrees and a minimum of 16. While Messaid remains the coolest part of Qatar with a minimum temperature of as low as 9 degrees.

Now today’s COVID update.

In the last 24-hour period, active cases of COVID-19 have increased by 100, to 3,095.

11,961 COVID-19 tests were performed, and just 1.76% of those tested positive.

Of those testing positive 40 were travellers who are now in quarantine.

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