I get to eat a lot of really good food for free as a food writer, at some superb establishments. So when I have to put my hand in my own pocket and pay for myself, the product has to be good. And because I am tight (a British expression for being careful with money) it also has to be good value.


Mövenpick Doha is where I choose to go for breakfast when I need not just a full belly, but also a good start to a day off. And thus, is my destination of choice on a Friday morning.

Yesterday Vic and I were there for nearly 3 hours, eating great food in a truly vacation environment. We left feeling relaxed, refreshed and very full.

We eat breakfast in all sorts of places. Ask me for a recommendation and it will be either Mövenpick Doha or Doha Downtown. Doha Downtown is without question the best value in Qatar, at a mere QR 25 per person you can have a real buffet breakfast at McDonald’s prices. And yes we do go there. But for a wider range of options, exceptional service and that all important vacation feel, Mövenpick Doha is our favorite.

Nothing is too much trouble for them. Among the many options available, one of our favorites is their Indian offerings. Yesterday Vic found their Egg Marsala was a little too spicy and they cooked her a fresh batch to her taste there and then.

A fresh Egg Marsala cooked special for us there and then

If you have had a long hard week, and need a good start to your day off. Pop along to the Mövenpick Doha for breakfast. It’s a complete bargain at just QR 75 per head. I will probably see you there on a Friday.

Live breakfast cooking station at Mövenpick Doha

And yes. I pay for my own breakfast here.


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