Victoria had a touch of bad luck the other day. When riding in a taxi her phone slipped out of her pocket and hid its self somewhere in the car. By the time she spotted the missing item she was out of the cab, and the ride was long gone.

She tried using “Where’s my phone” and was able to track it for a short time, but her battery was almost out when her phone hid its self from her, and calls to it went unnoticed as it was on silent. She activated lost phone mode which displays a message and a phone number for anyone who finds it. But after 24 hours of being AWAL we thought it had gone forever as there was no call reporting it found.

Then two days later I get a call from a Sri Lankan driver. How do I know he was Sri Lankan? Well because he made sure I knew this good deed was being done by a Sri Lankan. He had been cleaning the inside of his car, and discovered the phone. A quick charge later he was able to see and call the number being displayed, and an hour later the phone was in my hands. Phew!!

So job well done Mr. Sri Lankan Driver! You are a credit to your profession and your country. A complete gentleman.

Oh and don’t worry, I made sure he was correctly rewarded for his good deed.



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