Having given the matter a great deal of thought, and having looked at all the juicers available in Qatar, I have chosen the ‘Sage by Heston Blumenthal the Nutri Juicer Pro, 1500 Watt‘. This is because it’s the one Joe Cross uses in his films and books. I couldn’t find anything else as good. And I have a feeling the juicer is going to be one of the key ingredients for me completing this diet successfully.

I have ordered it from Amazon UK as I was unable to source it here. It cost £259 (QR 1,380) and I am going to ship it using Q Post’s news Connected service as they have a 30% off offer for your first delivery, which this will be.


Well it turns out the 30% discount offered on your first order with Connected is only on the QR 60 Base charge. So the saving is only QR 18. Total shipping cost was QR 450.20 and delivery is being estimated as 2nd to 7th June. Aramex is in my opinion the better shipper, they would have been faster and would not have misled me with a 30% discount worth only QR 18.

Connected Invoice

So total cost of my juicer including shipping is QR 1,830.20

D Day (Diet Day) is getting close now. Once this juicer arrives I am going to be one hungry, ill tempered, irritable and sad man for quite some time. No Iftar Buffets for me, no more drinking beer and if I can tolerate it, no more smoking as well.

Sage Juicer Ordered



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