The Al Mourjan Restaurant located on the Corniche is quite literally one of the finest Lebanese Restaurants in the world

I’m not an expert on Lebanese food. But I know plenty of people who are, and they all tell me that the Al Mourjan is a world class Lebanese restaurant. And you can tell by all the awards on their reception wall, that experts think so as well. All I know is that I love going to this restaurant. I love their food, I love the setting and I love their award winning service.

We have visited and paid for our breakfast at the SMBC. Our review is first hand informed and independant

I have been going to the Al Mourjan for over 6 years now, and have never written about it. Last Tuesday Victoria and I were there again for what was meant to be a ‘pop in visit’. However as usual we ended up spending a whole evening there.


We are not very adventurous with our menu selection in the Al Mourjan. We know what we like, and we tend to order pretty much the same thing every time. A mixed hot and cold mezza with salad, then I always have the mixed grill, and Vic either joins me with a mixed grill or goes for their spaghetti.


For desert we always have the same thing as well. And I have no idea what it’s called (I told you I wasn’t an expert on Lebanese food). We describe what we want, and we always get the right thing. Whatever it is called (see photo below) it is to die for. And I have to hold myself back from ordering a second one.


The view from the Al Mourjan is absolutely gorgeous. And on Tuesday the weather was perfect. Not too hot, not to cold. And we just completely chilled out sitting on the waterfront admiring the view.


I can also strongly recommend the Al Mourjan as a somewhere to spend Qatar National Day. You get probably the best seat in the country to watch the firework display, and some fabulous food to go with it.

National day 2013 from Al Mourjan Restaurant
One of the best places to watch the Qatar National Day firework display, is the Al Mourjan Restaurant

If you haven’t been already, I strongly recommend the Al Moujan. Take friends and if you have family visiting you simply have to bring them here.


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