It’s Friday 14th August, this is the news in 60 seconds

In today’s news papers.

The fourth phase of the lifting of COVID-19 curbs may be delayed if cases surge. Says doctor Al Khal.

Increasing cases among Qataris and expat professionals is a worrying trend. A minority of people continue to ignore preventative advice, putting themselves and those around them at greater risk

Hamad International Airport implements new arrival procedures to enter Qatar. All passengers will be thermally screened on arrival. They will need to show their Ehteraz application. And they need to sign a quarantine pledge agreement. Passengers must also fill out a health assessment form.

The airport has customised its procedures based on the categorisation of arriving passengers, to ensure a smooth return to the country. The categories are:-

Group 1 – Qatari citizens their spouses and children. And Permanent residency holders.

Group 2 – Vulnerable passengers that have certain identified medical conditions or are aged 55 and above.

Group 3 is for passengers arriving from low risk countries

And Group 4 is for passengers that are arriving from high risk countries.

All public schools must adopt e-learning says the Ministry of Education. In preparation for the reopening of schools in September the Ministry of Education and higher education have directed all public schools to adopt e-learning as an essential part of teaching for the upcoming academic year. This will apply to both distance learning and face to face classes. According to the directives all public schools have been told to inform parents that they need to provide a computer for each student.

The website I Love Qatar dot Net are running a story on the Sad drowning of father and his son at the Pearl Qatar last night. The United development company or UDC, tweeted last night at 10:43 the news of a father and his son drowning.

Active cases of COVID-19 here in Qatar remain stable at just above 3,000. With a slight rise of around 100 active cases in the last week. And as a 7 day average, 8.12% of those being tested are testing positive.

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Read by Brian Candy

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