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The Qatar Football Association or QFA, announced yesterday that it has officially submitted its bid to host the 2027 AFC Asian Cup. The QFA sent an Integrated file to the AFC detailing how Qatar fulfils all of the hosting requirements for the Cup. A fact supported by numerous tournaments hosted by the country at both continental and global levels in the past, and also the preparations for the events to come in the future.

Ministers join hands to train school officials against COVID-19

The Ministry of Education and higher education, and the Ministry of Public Health will jointly train members of school security and safety staff how to implement precautionary measures against the novel coronavirus. 

Schools will be closely monitored by the Ministry of Public Health.

School canteens will be closed in the beginning

Distance learning will continue on the same pattern as the last academic year

The capacity of the online platform will increase to allow everyone to benefit smoothly

Qatar University has been ranked as one of the top 700 universities in the world. Qatar has now been ranked 601 out of 700 universities globally. According to the ‘Academic Ranking of World Universities’ or ARWU.

Talabat has launched medicine deliveries

It was announced yesterday that Talabat have become the first platform in Qatar to provide a pharmaceutical delivery service. In collaboration with the ministry of public health, Talabat has acquired a pharmacy and drug control permit. It was explained that Medicine deliveries will offer an added level of convenience for Talabat users.  

Former trump aide and Qatar-baiter Steve Bannon has been arrested for fraud.

In October 2017 the former White House chief strategist made a rare public appearance at the Hudson Institute, a neoconservative Washington think tank. And he spoke out against Qatar whilst praising the countries that have imposed a blockade against it. He is regarded as one of the architects of the blockade against Qatar, who colluded with the siege quartet to plan the unjust move against Doha. And my personal opinion on this is that hopefully karma will prevail.

Passengers to India are being told to carry a print out of their self reporting form.

Although they have filled out the form online, many passengers are arriving in India without a print out of the completed form, and they end up having to fill out another form before clearing immigration Causing some delays at the health screening area of the airport

The General Authority of Customs have seized 2,152 kilogrammes of tambaku a kind of chewing tobacco from a sugar shipment that arrived at Hamad port. According to a video tweeted yesterday by the GAC the banned substance was found stuffed in 1,435 bags hidden inside a sugar shipment.

Active cases of COVID-19 here in Qatar are still hovering at just above 3,000. And as a 7 day average, only 5.9% of those being tested are testing positive.

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