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In today’s newspapers.

Restaurants with Qatar Clean Certificate to receive customers at full capacity.

With just five days to go until the beginning of phase 4.1 it’s been announced that restaurants that have applied for, and been granted a Qatar Clean certificate can resume full occupancy on September 1st. That’s full occupancy but with precautions that include 2 metres distancing between tables. Which for most restaurants would mean less tables.

Restaurants that don’t have a Qatar Clean certificate, will be restricted to 30% occupancy

Also as part of phase 4.1 Food courts and prayer halls in malls to reopen. But food courts are restricted to 30% occupancy.

Children will be allowed to enter malls and commercial complexes. Including retail shops and restaurants.

Clothing stores have been asked to follow strict hygiene steps. Which include limiting customers to trying on a maximum of three articles of clothing. Clothing that has been tried on but not purchased must be sterilised and not returned to display for a minimum 24 hours.  

6 arrested for home quarantine violation

At the moment anyone flying into Qatar must go into quarantine. For some people this involves staying in a quarantine hotel. And for those qualifying, they can quarantine at home. But if you’re quarantining at home, you must sign a pledge saying that you will abide by the rules and regulations of home quarantine.

Six people were arrested on Thursday for violating the pledge they undertook as part of the requirement for home quarantine.

And the newspapers are naming and shaming these six people.

Active cases of COVID-19 remain at just below 3,000. With 239 recoveries and 246 new cases.

Of those being tested, as a 7 day average we are now down to less than 5 people in 100, testing positive.

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In today’s newspapers

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