It’s Monday 20th of July, this is the news in 60 seconds

Qatar Quick continues to spread across more platforms. You can now listen to us on all Amazon Echo devices and Tune In Radio by simply saying Alexa play podcast Qatar Quick. How easy is that?!

Now onto today’s newspapers

The Amir of Kuwait has undergone successful surgery. No details have been given beyond that. But it would seem that everything is going well.

Municipalities are stepping up inspections and preparations in readiness for Eid Al-Adha. Inspections of food outlets, abattoirs, supermarkets and meat shops are being intensified. And disinfection of public facilities such as parks and beaches are also well under way.

Eid Al-Adha will be at the end of next week.

There’s a fourth drive through COVID-19 testing hub on its way. The Hub’s were setup for easy and convenient testing. Participants are invited by a text message to attend, and well, drive through and get tested. 14,236 invitations have been sent out, and 10,679 have attended  for testing. So that’s around two thirds respond then.

A new company called ‘Falcon’ are setting up to offer sustainable tech-enabled micromobility solutions here in Qatar.

There’s images of happy people riding electric scooters near metro stations. And this is because the company will be offering last mile travel solutions.  So you’ll be able to arrive at a station, pick up an electric scooter, a quickly get to you destination by yourself. How cool is that?

Now here’s a quick look at yesterday’s COVID update

Of the 2,710 tested, 340 people which represents 12.55%, tested positive.

There were 354 recoveries, and I’m sad to say, 3 deaths.

Meaning active cases have dropped by 17 to 3,114 in the previous 24hr period.

That’s all for today, please take care, and I’ll see you tomorrow.

Qatar News in 60 Seconds – Monday 20th July 2020 S1E103

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