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In today’s newspapers.

Parents would prefer classroom teaching to be postponed says an online survey.

An overwhelming majority of 85% of parents, from the 34,300 who voted in an online survey. Say they would prefer to postpone the opening of schools from September 1st as part of the blended learning system. Instead preferring continued distance learning for the first semester.

The parents were responding to an online survey conducted by the Peninsula newspaper at its readers request. In the survey the parents were asked whether they were in support of reopening schools from September 1st or if they would prefer postponement. Only 15% said they preferred re-opening.  

In comments posted online, parents said that children had adjusted well to distance learning, and as parents they would feel less anxious with their children continuing to learn from home for the moment. Parents suggested that health and safety Can be reassessed at the end of the semester, and if everything is good, perhaps classroom teaching can resume in the next semester.

The Qatar Quality Mark is an added value to support Qatari products says the Prime Minister.

The Qatar quality mark was launched yesterday to enhance the competitiveness of national products in the local, regional and global markets and support development plans.

It’s an optional mark placed on a product as evidence of its conformity with the approved national standards. It proves that the product has been examined and tested by an internationally recognised certified laboratory.

For over 5 weeks now, the active cases of COVID-19 have been hovering at just above 3,000. Today the figure is just 3,007. It will be wonderful if tomorrow I can finally announce the breaking of the 3,000 barrier. I may even order a cake to celebrate.

As a 7 day average, we are now down to just 5.1% of those being tested, testing positive.

That’s all for today, have a magic Monday, and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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