It’s Saturday 15th August, this is the news in 60 seconds

In today’s newspapers.

There’s a reminder from the Ministry of Interior yesterday, that is not allowed to have more than four people in a car at the same time including the driver, as a precautionary measure against coronavirus.

And then there’s a reminder from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, reiterating that the ban on massage services is still in place and that massages are still not to be given In beauty salons, spas or as at home services

An India – Qatar travel bubble has been announced. A travel bubble is what’s used to describe temporary air travel between two countries. And in this case the two countries are Qatar and India.

Starting August 18th to August 31st for flights to and from both countries.

Flights from Qatar to India will carry passengers including Indian Nationals stranded in Qatar, all Overseas Citizens of India card holders, holding Qatari passports. And Qatari Nationals including diplomats holding valid visas.

The flights from India to Qatar will be for Qatari Nationals and any Indian national holding any type of valid Qatar visa and is destined for Qatar only.

And Qatar Airways is to resume London Gatwick flights Qatar.

Qatar Airways continues to maintain its position as the leading international carrier providing global connectivity to the UK with the resumption of daily flights to London Gatwick starting Aug 20th

Active cases of COVID-19 here in Qatar remain stable at just above 3,000. And as a 7 day average, 7.62% of those being tested are testing positive.

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Read by Brian Candy

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Sources @PeninsulaQatar @GulfTimes_Qatar @Qatar_Tribune

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