It’s Sunday 16th August, this is the news in 60 seconds

In today’s newspapers.

Hamad medical Corporation experts call for vigilance against COVID-19.

Senior experts at Hamad medical Corporation are warning that unless people follow all precautionary measures the country may experience a second wave of the virus. And see numbers increasing again, as there are already signs of this happening in other parts of the world.

People should wear masks and maintain social distancing while meeting friends and colleagues in workplaces.

Masks trap droplets that are released when the person wearing the mask sneezes coughs or talks. The virus gets caught in the mask and it doesn’t spread to other people.

The Ministry of Transport and Communications signs a memorandum of understanding with Ashghal for cooperation in road projects.

The MOU is upgrading the level of collaboration, joint efforts and constructive cooperation between the two sides

And includes the planning, studying, designing, maintaining, and managing of Qatar’s roads.

Ashghal completes major new bridge ahead of academic year.

The public works authority (Ashghal) yesterday opened the new Duhail – Gharrafa Bridge and parts of traffic signals within the Duhail interchange development. Six months ahead of schedule.

Coinciding with the opening of schools for the new academic year the new bridge will benefit many schools, including  Qatar University, North Atlantic College and education city.

The Indian community celebrates its 74th Independence Day with zeal.

The Indian embassy in Doha yesterday held a special flag hoisting ceremony marked with patriotic fervour, in the presence of a limited number of community leaders and embassy officials. Attendance was limited to selected guests due to the regulations put in place to fight the spread of COVID-19.

Active cases of COVID-19 here in Qatar remain stable at just above 3,000. And as a 7 day average, 7.35% of those being tested are testing positive.

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Read by Brian Candy

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