It’s Thursday 23rd of July, this is the news in 60 seconds

And the number on the front page of all three English medium papers this morning is 80%. And that’s because following yesterday’s cabinet meeting. It’s been announced that from next Tuesday, offices can operate with 80% of their staff actually working in the office, instead of from home. The remining 20% will still get to work from home while their children sit quietly reading books all day next to them, and the dog doesn’t bark. And the cat most definitely does not walk across their keyboard.

And the number 80% is also being applied to private clinics. Which will be able to operate at 80% capacity, instead of the current 50% capacity.

The Ministry of Interior has announced that some of its service centers will continue to work over the weekend. This is because there are just 3 days left for everyone to get themselves registered on the National Address Database. And if they don’t, they face stiff penalties. So a rush to complete the process is being anticipated. And their offices will remain open to allow those who need to register, to do so. Or of course you can undertake the process quickly and easily using your Metrash 2 App on your phone.

Qatar Airways has said it’s going to seek 5 Billion US Dollars in compensation from blockading countries. The UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Egypt collectively and illegally closed their air space to Qatar registered aircraft on June 5th 2017. Akbar Al-Baker the CEO of Qatar Airways has said “The blockading states must be held accountable for their illegal actions in the aviation sector”.

Now here’s a quick look at yesterday’s COVID update

Of the 4,630 tested, 441 people which represents 9.52%, tested positive.

There were 450 recoveries, and I’m sad to say, 3 deaths.

Meaning active cases have dropped by 12 to 3,067 in the previous 24hr period.

That’s all for today, please take care, and I’ll see you tomorrow.

Qatar News in 60 Seconds – Thursday 23rd July 2020 S1E106

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Qatar News in 60 Seconds – Tuesday 21st July 2020 S1E104

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Sources @MOPHQatar @PeninsulaQatar @GulfTimes_Qatar @Qatar_Tribune

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