It’s Tuesday 14th of July, this is the news in 60 seconds

On today’s front pages.

Total COVID-19 recoveries cross 100,000 mark. The total recoveries for Qatar now stand at 100,627.

Qatar Foundation and the organization called TED, which stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design. Yesterday launched TED in Arabic. A two year initiative that will provide a platform for thinkers, researchers, artists and change-makers around the world to share ideas with a global audience in the Arabic language.

Barwa plans to develop 2 housing projects in Wakra. One project will be an integrated housing complex for workers and the other as an integrated residential city for low-income families.

Qatar Airways, the worlds largest cargo airline. Is giving charities the ability to transport humanitarian aid, and medical supplies all over the world for free. The 1 million kilo project called ‘We Care’ spelt with a Q. Will run from July until the end of December. And is being described as The First Chapter.

Now here’s a quick look at yesterday’s COVID update – Which shows 418 new positive cases…..  884 recoveries, and I’m sad to say, 2 deaths.

Yesterday there were 3,708 active cases so with today’s adjustments that means active cases have now dropped to 3,240. Meaning a decrease of 468 in the previous 24hr period.

And this means our prediction stays the same for the moment. The graph is still indicating that we should have less than 1,000 active cases of covid-19 by July 23rd.

That’s all for today, please take care, and I’ll see ya tomorrow.

Qatar News in 60 Seconds – Tuesday 14th July 2020 S1E97

Read by Brian Candy

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Sources @MOPHQatar @PeninsulaQatar @GulfTimes_Qatar @Qatar_Tribune

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