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In today’s newspapers.

The second part of the fourth phase of lifting COVID-19 restrictions begins today. And sees the capacity of cinemas  raised to 30% and the capacity of gyms reduced to 30%.

The restriction of only allowing 18 year olds and above, to watch movies in cinemas, remains in place for now.

And public swimming pools also have their capacity cut to 30% the same as gyms.

Parents can choose between blended and online learning from next week says official.

Schools will continue to provide blended learning but limit the number of students attending classes to a maximum of 30% .

Out of more than 350,000 students Andover 35,000 teachers in Qatar. Less than 0.2% have tested positive since schools reopened.

Qatar is one of the first countries to launch saliva based COVID-19 testing for children. A saliva based swab is less intrusive for children as it doesn’t have to be inserted into the nose or the back of the throat.  The test simply requires transferring saliva from the mouth into a sample pot. Studies around the world have been looking into the use of saliva only swabs, and the results have confirmed their effectiveness.

Two more held for violating home quarantine rules.

Active cases of COVID-19 are now 2,837

Of those being tested,  5 in 100 people are testing positive.

7 cases in the last 24 hour period were returning travelers, that are now in quarantine.

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Qatar News in 60 Seconds – Tuesday 15th September

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In today’s newspapers, read by Brian Candy

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