It’s Wednesday 15th of July, this is the news in 60 seconds

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Since the beginning of the illegal and unjustified blockade of Qatar. By four Arab countries three years ago. Qatar registered aircraft have been forced to fly around airspace belonging to those countries.

The International Civil Aviation Organisation or ICAO, began working on resolving the situation. But appeals from the blockading countries prevented them from doing so.

Yesterday, the International Court of Justice unanimously dismissed appeals by countries blockading airspace, in two historic judgments.

Following the unanimous decision by the 16 judge panel, the ICAO can now resume its proceedings in resolving the claims submitted by the State of Qatar.

And the Qatar Tribune point out that as the 16 judge panel’s decision was unanimous, it means that the special judge appointed by the siege countries must have also voted against them, in favour of Qatar. Ooooo that must have stung a bit.

A new job search platform for Qataris looking for work is to launch soon. The platform will allow employers to list suitable positions, and for Qatari job seekers to identify potential opportunities. This follows the decision to raise the proportion of Qataris working in state-owned companies to 60%.

Qatar National Library reopens it’s doors for the first time today since the COVID crisis forced it to close its doors. You will need to book a time slot, and precautionary measures are in place. But its just going to be wonderful to get back into this awe-inspiring facility.

Now here’s a quick look at yesterday’s COVID update – Which shows 517 new positive cases…..  533 recoveries, and I’m sad to say, 1 death.

Active cases have now dropped to 3,223. Meaning a decrease of 17 in the previous 24hr period.

Errrrr…. Yes I think we’ll keep quiet about our prediction for under 1,000 active cases today. Let’s just say it is still possible to achieve by July 23rd. And leave it at that.

That’s all for today, please take care, and I’ll see ya tomorrow.

Qatar News in 60 Seconds – Wednesday 15th July 2020 S1E98

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