It’s Wednesday 22nd of July, this is the news in 60 seconds

GREAT NEWS for residents wanting to return to Qatar.

As part of the lifting of Covid-19 restrictions gradually, the government has announced changes to the quarantine requirements for incoming passengers after reviewing the travel policy announced earlier this year. The changes come into effect today. Not August the 1st.

A statement issued by the Government Communications Office or (GCO) said the revisions are based on public health indicators in Qatar as well as the rest of world.

From today, passengers arriving in Doha from low-risk countries are required to take a coronavirus test upon arrival at the airport. And sign a formal pledge to adhere to quarantine at home for a period one week. The traveler’s status on the Ehteraz app will change to yellow, which means that they are required to quarantine.

After one week has elapsed in home quarantine, the person must go to one of the dedicated health centres to get a follow-up coronavirus test. If the result is positive, the person will be transferred to isolation, and if it’s negative, the quarantine period ends and the status on their Ehteraz app will change to green.

It should be noted that the list of low-risk countries will be published on the Ministry of Public Health’s website and announced by the Civil Aviation Authority. The list of low risk countries will be reviewed every two weeks.

Those travelling from countries not categorised as low risk, will need to utilize hotel quarantine instead of home quarantine for a period of one week. And at their own expense.

There is however a list of circumstances, and health conditions, that will exempt certain people from having to use hotel quarantine even if the country they are travelling from, is not one of those listed as low-risk.

If the country, you are traveling from has, an accredited Covid-19 testing centre, and you obtain a Covid free test certificate 48 hours before travelling. Then you will not require a test at the airport upon arrival in Qatar. As long as the certificate was issued within 48 hours.

But quarantine will still be required, either at home or in a hotel depending on the status of the country you are travelling from.


If you are travelling from a country not listed as low-risk, but you acquire a Covid Free test certificate from an accredited test centre 48 hours before traveling, then you will also be able to quarantine at home for a period one week. Instead of hotel quarantine.

So just to recap. The quarantine period is one week regardless of where you traveled from. If your country is listed as low-risk, then you will quarantine at home. If your country is not listed as low risk, then you will need to quarantine at your own expense in a designated hotel. Unless you have an accredit covid-free test certificate in advance of travelling or you have circumstances that exempt you from hotel quarantine. In which case you will also be able to quarantine at home.

Please make sure you read, understand and update yourself regarding travelling to Qatar before booking your travel arrangements.

Now here’s a quick look at yesterday’s COVID update

Of the 5,132 tested, 393 people which represents 7.66%, tested positive.

There were 409 recoveries, and I’m sad to say, 1 death.

Meaning active cases have dropped by 17 to 3,079 in the previous 24hr period.

That’s all for today, please take care, and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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