It’s Wednesday 26th August, this is the news in 60 seconds

In today’s newspapers.

A cyber crime gang that defrauded its victims out of nearly 10,000,000 riyals has been busted in an operation named ‘Uncovering the Mask’ the Ministry of Interior announced yesterday. In a press statement the MoI said the Economic and Cyber Crimes Combating Department at the general Directorate of Criminal Investigation, had arrested members of the gang for stealing funds from customers banks. They would transfer these funds abroad,  pay bills and make online purchases after accessing their victims banks.

Common practices included sending text messages telling people they had won a prize, or that their bank card has been suspended. Anyone responding would then be coerced into giving out bank details that the gang could then use to access the victims bank accounts. Never ever give anyone your username, password or one time password OTP even if they do say there from the bank. Banks don’t ask for this kind of information.

A Memorandum of Understanding has been inked to offer services to cyclists.

The supervisory committee for the beautification of roads and public places in Qatar, and the public works authority Ashghal, yesterday signed a memorandum of understanding with the Qatar Cyclists Centre at the Ministry of Culture and Sports. To provide a host of services for the fast cycling track on Al Khor road. These services include electric bike parking spaces, first aid and use of motorcycles to provide emergency assistance among things.

The 33 kilometre long cycle track on Al Khor Road allows speeds of up to 50 kilometres per hour.

Also mentioned is that Ashghal are all set to provide a network of cycling and pedestrian paths across 2,650 kilometres by 2022.

­For the second day running the Peninsula are running a Storey on their front page saying that most parents would prefer online classes in the first semester

The Peninsula are saying that following yesterday’s article, they have received a massive response from parents reacting to the report.

Although some parents do support blended learning involving both online and in person lessons. The majority are in favour of keeping the first semester online only, in the interests of safety.

Active cases of COVID-19 remain at just below 3,000.

As a 7 day average, we are now down to only 4.88% of those being tested, testing positive. That’s less than 5 people in 100. With just 6 days left to go until Phase 4 of the relaxing of precautionary measures is due to begin.

That’s all for today, have a wonderful Wednesday, and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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