Qatar Newspaper Weekly Roundup Thur 24th Feb

Here’s a quick run through this week’s top stories in Qatar’s newspapers. Brought to you by Marhaba.

Starting with last Friday when the Qatar tribune had the story that the exchange period of old currency is now open until further notice according to the Qatar Central Bank.

And the MSC Virtuosa brought over 4,000 tourists to Qatar last Thursday. And she will be back in port this morning with another similar number.

Saturday and the Peninsula featured an item on the coverage of the Falcon Hospital in Souq Waqif by Reuters.  In which it was explained that Souq Waqif Falcon Hospital provides a range of services from surgery to issuing IDs and passports for the birds. It also states that the clinic is treating up to 150 birds a day.

Monday and excavation work for one of the country’s biggest drainage tunnels begins. The Public Works Authority said that the tunnel project in Al Wakra and Al Wukair will extend for over 13 kilometres, and is a new step towards implementing its plan to develop the drainage network and infrastructure.

On Tuesday the headline was Qatar and Iran signed pacts to boost ties. And Qatar builds state-of-the-art fibre network ahead of the FIFA World Cup.

And yesterday on the front page of the Qatar Tribune is the story that Qatar is doing its utmost to help supply Europe with more LNG. With the crisis in the Ukraine leading to concerns over potential disruption to Russian gas supplies to Europe. The Qatar Minister of State for Energy Affairs said that Qatar can divert 10 to 15% of its gas exports to customers different from those who had initially signed sales contracts.

And in this morning’s papers HEC Paris in Qatar is set to host a blockchain and cryptocurrencies free to attend online masterclass. I think I’ll be attending that.

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