Qatar Weekly News Roundup Thursday 10th February

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Here’s a recap of Qatar’s big news stories for the week up to Thursday 10th February. Brought to you by Marhaba, the ultimate guide to Qatar.

Now here’s the weeks news. Starting with last Friday

when the Ministry of Interior said that those seeking to make use of the grace period to correct their legal status that lasts until March 31st, will need to leave within 10 days of getting a travel permit.

The ministry said that they have provided all facilities for violators to correct their legal status while they are inside the country by transferring their visa from one employer to another or by leaving the country in their own interest by exempting them from all consequences of legal responsibility. They also said that deportation of minors under the age of 18 will be without a ban to return to Qatar

Now on to Sunday when the Amir and the Chinese president discussed ways to strengthen joint strategic cooperation.

Monday and the Ministry of Labour has announced the launch of a fast-track service for new electronic labour requests to enable companies to quickly obtain, within a few minutes, the approvals of visas to bring in workers from abroad within the specified criteria and requirements. Only companies committed to the provisions of the labour law can benefit from the fast-track service for new labour requests.

Yesterday the Gulf Times said that 17 million World Cup 2022 tickets have been applied for by fans during the first sales period.

And in this morning’s news the cabinet relaxes mask mandate. Masks won’t be mandatory in most outdoor settings from February the 12th, which is this Saturday

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