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In it’s beautiful setting the Qatar International Food Festival (QIFF) is attracting plenty of visitors this year. And for good reasons; it’s free, well admission is anyway. It’s accessible with plenty of free parking provision, free shuttle bus, limo service and even water taxis. It’s longer than ever before now spanning 7 days instead of the normal 5. It’s spacious with plenty of room to walk around, sit and chat, admire and of course eat great food even though the festival is more than twice the size of last year with over 100 attractions.


There are cooking demonstrations, free tasters and entertainers scattered all around the festival grounds. And with so much good looking and affordable food to tempt you, it’s worth taking a walk around first before you start filing your stomach. Remember you only have so much capacity, and if you get stuck in too early, you may end up missing some of your favorite food further into the event.

Food costs from QR 5 to QR 35. Personally I spent around QR 80 for two people over a couple of hours but you may be hungrier than us.


Is it worth getting off your couch and taking a drive for. Oh yes! Great atmosphere, great smells, great views and great food. You will be missing out if you can’t tear yourself away from that TV remote at least once this week.



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