So yesterday Qatar National Bank (QNB) managed to lose QR 10,000 of my hard earned cash. I deposited QR 10,000 in an ATM at the Dar Al Salam Mall branch. It counted the money and asked me to confirm I was depositing QR 10,000 then gave me back my card. But no receipt. There was a cue behind me so I moved out of the way not too concerned, and waited for my text message confirming my deposit. But no text message came.

I continued to wait. I stood in the branch staring at my phone waiting, waiting, waiting for the text message. Then decided to go to an adjacent ATM and check my balance. To my horror the deposit was not showing on my account. Now panic was starting to set in. I started looking for the receipt confirming my payment. Perhaps I was too quick to move away and the receipt was still in the machine. Nope. Perhaps someone had taken the receipt and dropped it on the floor or popped it on top of the machine…. Also nope. Now I had those horrible cold shivers. You know the ones you get when something is really going wrong. I had no receipt and no QR 10,000 in my hands or in my account.

Then I noticed someone demonstrating very similar behavior to me. He was frantically addressing a security guard in Arabic. I asked if he had also had a problem depositing and he said yes. He had deposited QR 12,500. The machine had informed him it couldn’t complete his transaction, printed a receipt telling him it couldn’t but without detailing the amount paid in, and then it kept his money as well.

We both got on the phone at the same time to QNB and were explaining the situation when someone else wandered in and announced he had the same problem a few minutes earlier. I explained to my QNB representative I was talking to on the phone to, that there were others there with the same problem. The guy that had just turned up went on to say that he was aware of others. I informed my QNB man that they needed to instruct security to put an out of order sign on the machine. But I will bet you he did nothing further about it. Anyway I completed my call to QNB and spoke with the others. We had all reported the problem. We had all been told it would be looked into, and we all agreed there was no point in standing around any longer. So off we went.

And now I must wait. I’m sure this will be resolved. But you know those British guys who earn loads of money and live in the Pearl? Everyone looks at me and thinks I am one of them. I am not! I am British, but I earn nowhere near what any of my British compatriots earn. QR 10,000 is a bloody lot of money to me, and I can’t afford to lose it. All QNB have is my word that I deposited it. I have no piece of paper, nothing at all in fact to prove I put that precious money in that blooming ATM. And yes I am worried, very worried that this could go horribly wrong for me.

Now I hate ATM’s, and I hate QNB. And I am going to continue hating them until my money is found. Even after this gets completely resolved, I am never going to deposit cash into a machine again. And if they can’t find the money I will be closing my account pretty damn quick and going nuts on social media about it.

I hope I am reporting back here within the day to tell you QR 10,000 has been credited to my account.

QNB Head Office

Thursday 15th January – Called QNB to find out what’s happening. I was told it would take 3 working days to resolve. So I said that by Monday it should be resolved and he said yes.

Sunday 18th January – This is the 4th day since my money went missing and I’m still waiting for news. Of course banks don’t open on Friday’s & Saturday’s. But it’s bloody annoying when 10k of mine is missing for this long through no fault of mine.

Monday 19th January – A text message comes through confirming 10K credited to my account…. Phew!!!

But I’m still never depositing into a QNB ATM again



  1. Any update? Hope they found your money. I bank with QNB – having a different issue with them. I’d go nuts too if 10k went missing.

    • Hi yes they found it last Monday. I just haven’t had time to blog it yet. But. The weekend is here so I will post an update shortly. I hope your issue also gets resolved. Please update me if it doesn’t.

  2. Mugenyi Mubarak Reply

    Thank God that you were patient and understanding with the discomfort you were feeling as regards proof of payment.
    Well, as a matter of fact, trust me, machines will always be machines. You may get involved in a car accident, but the same car or another rushes you to hospital.
    As for QNB ATM machines, I guarantee you that you can’t just lose your money from the machine unless you don’t notify the customer care help desk. It’s recommended that you immediately inform QNB and be rest assured that you will have your money deposited on your account.

    Thank you for letting the world know that you finally got your money back.

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