• The Amir performs the rain seeking prayer
  • Qatar aims to strengthen ties with Turkey further, says the foreign minister
  • And Biden edges closer to victory as trump launches lawsuits
  • Cases of COVID-19 are down by 17 to 2,707
  • Where to get your Christmas cards
  • Where to get your gravy pies
  • How to become a part of the new Qatar Quick radio station
  • And how to save money on your electricity bill with your split AC But first here’s a quick rundown of today’s news

It’s Friday 6th November, this is the news in 60 seconds

On today’s front pages

The Amir performs the rain seeking prayer

Qatar aims to strengthen ties with Turkey further, says the foreign minister

And Biden edges closer to victory as trump launches lawsuits

Active cases of COVID-19 are down by 17 to 2,707.

38 of those are travellers coming into the country and testing positive, that are now in quarantine.

The total number of COVOD-19 tests carried out in the last 24 hour period, was a whopping 12,064. And that’s the highest number carried out to date. And just 2.06% of those tested positive. In fact this means Qatar have now tested over a million people for COVID-19. And with a population of around 2.75 million, that means we have now tested 37% of the population.

Now then with Christmas rapidly approaching, you may be starting to wonder where you’re going to get your supply of Christmas cards from. Well have I got good news for you, because this year instead of paying premium prices for Christmas cards from the usual retail outlets, You can visit cardsinqatar.com And get premium Christmas cards at value prices. And they’ll deliver them direct to your door. Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas!.

Got a craving for a traditional meat and gravy pie. Message Brett on WhatsApp at The Aussie Oven and he’ll bake you a delicious meat in rich gravy pie for just 25 Qatar riyals. And for a small fee he’ll deliver it straight to your door as well. I had Steak and Mushroom pies from him last week, and oh my goodness they were sublime. Brett can be reached on Qatar 3099 6811. Check the description of today’s episode for more details.

Qatar Quick are launching a new Internet radio station called Falcon Radio. Broadcasting from Qatar What makes Falcon radio different from all the other stations. Is that the music is made by you. Your songs and your music written by you, performed by you and played by us. The response has been absolutely phenomenal with artists submitting material for us to play not just from Qatar but from all over the world. Test broadcasts are expected to begin in around a week, And if you’ve got something you’d like us to broadcast during the trials please check today’s episode description for the email address to send your MP3 to. Remember You must own the Copyright on any material you send us to play as we don’t pay royalties. We are looking into a licence that will allow us to play cover versions but until such time as we possess such a thing, covers cannot be included in our playlist.

Want to take control of your split AC and save money. Visit pod.qa And take a look at the new Sensibo Sky. This amazing device contains all the technology needed to make your split AC smart.

Now you can control your AC from your phone. You can see and adjust the temperature of a room from anywhere in the world that has an Internet connection. And even have the AC come on automatically as you’re approaching home and turn off when you leave. The manufacturers claim you can save up to 40% on your AC electricity bill using sensibo.

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