Yesterday I was invited by a friend to join him at the Sabai Thai Restaurant for their Saturday Brunch. The Sabai is located within the Westin Hotel on Salwa Road, and is a separate building in the grounds at the rear of the hotel next to the gorgeous pool area.

My first observation is an obvious one, the price. QR 175 including unlimited drinks. That is an amazing price. Now the food; You guessed it, the cuisine is Thai. And it’s really good. Need I say more?

Sabai Thai Brunch
Excellent Thai cuisine and unlimited drinks for QR 175 – Complete bargain

I only have one, yup just one tiny criticism, they kept running out of Dim Sum

Sabai Thai Brunch
They were unable to keep the Assorted Dim Sum tray in play.

Apart from the dim sum supply issue, everything else was spot on. The service was impeccable, the food was tasty and top quality and the environment really pleasant.

Sabai Thai Brunch
Nice setting at Sabai Thai

One thing I noticed is that a number of tables didn’t seem to be eating very much. Just a little here and there. However they were drinking plenty. At that price you can’t blame them. Just a handful of drinks and you have your monies worth right there.

Would I go back. DAMN RIGHT I WILL BE!!


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