• School attendance rate lowered to 30%
  • No vaccine for people going on foot to Lusail Drive through centre
  • HMC launches service to support COVID patients undergoing home isolation
  • Active cases of COVID-19 up by 199 to 12,290

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It’s Thursday 18th March

In today’s newspapers

School attendance rate lowered to 30%

The Ministry of Education and Higher Education has announced that the attendance rate at schools will be lowered to 30% from March the 21st which is this Sunday, down from the current 50%.

The ministry have decided to reduce the attendance rate in all stages of public and private schools, to ensure a safe and healthy school environment. With blended education being in force.

No vaccine for people going on foot to Lusail Drive through centre.

People using the COVID-19 drive through vaccination centre in Lusail must complete the vaccination process in a car or suitable vehicle. It cannot be done on foot say the Ministry of Public Health.

Hamad Medical Corporation launches service to support COVID-19 patients undergoing home isolation.

Hamad Medical Corporation say In recent months they have seen a significant rise in the number of people needing to isolate.

Dedicated isolation facilities established by the healthcare system last year, continue to provide support for people with COVID-19 who need to isolate but cannot do so safely in their own home.

However, individuals who meet a specific set of home isolation criteria including being asymptomatic or with mild symptoms. And having a private room and bathroom in their home, can undergo their isolation period at home.

Qatar’s weather today

It’s going to be hot today with some blowing dust in some areas.

Doha will see temperatures between 21 and 32 degrees. Elsewhere in Qatar it will be between 22 and 37 degrees.

Now today’s COVID update.

In the last 24-hour period, there have been 489 new cases of COVID-19 and 288 recoveries. Unfortunately, there were also 2 Covid related deaths. Which means there’s been an increase of 199 cases giving us a new current total of 12,290 active cases.

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