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SleepHub Anywhere HD

I’m in the process of evaluating/reviewing a SleepHub that Cambridge Sleep Sciences was kind enough to send to me here in Qatar. I will be filming my product review in the near future having used the device for quite a number of weeks now.

Spoiler alert: I like my SleepHub and I don’t want to give it back. Anyway that’s not the reason for this post. I am writing because those clever people at Cambridge Sleep Sciences are making their technology portable. And are launching a crowdfunding campaign to help fund its development.

They would love you to join them in pre-ordering a SleepHub® Anywhere and spreading the word to tell others about this unique opportunity. They’ve created a range of pre-order options, all of which offer large discounts, as ‘thankyou’ for supporting them at this early stage of development.

Follow this link for more information


SleepHub Anywhere

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