My car is not a Ferrari. But I paid hard earned cash for it and try my best to look after it. So it really upsets me when I return to my car parked in Dar Al Salam Mall and find this large scratch on my door. Obviously from some inconsiderate @#$#! who had hit my car with their car door when they opened it.

Scratched Car Door

I caught a  glimpse of the badly parked car next to mine (they were parked at a sever angle in the space) pulling away just as I returned. A car full of laughing men who had no concern about the damage they (well one of them anyway) had just done to my car. And yes I know it was them for reasons I will not bother to detail here.

It’s a small thing in a world full of tragedy I know. But it still upset me. I’m just glad I don’t own a Ferrari, because it’s bad enough when it happens to my lovely little car.

Anyway enough of my whining, I just hope whoever did this has a really bad day.


So today as I was at the #HIA I decided to get to the bottom of the free parking status. I popped into the Car Park Management Office and spoke to a HIA representative there who answered my questions below. I’m a photographer not a journalist so these are not direct quotes as I can’t remember the exact words used, but this is the gist of it-

Q) How long is the free parking for?
A) It’s about to change, and probably next week.

Q) But I had read somewhere online that it was free until the 27th July.
A) It was but because the other car parks aren’t operating yet, this one is reaching over capacity as it houses long stay, short stay and staff parking. And we need to start charging reduce the demand.

Q) So next week you will start charging, any idea when?
A) A formal announcement will be made probably sometime next week announcing the changes.

Q) Any idea what the charges will be?
A) That is being finalised now and will be announced at the same time.

Q) What happens if someone parks their car next week, and when they come back from a month long vacation find that charges have been instigated while they were away.
A) They will not be charged if they entered the car park while it was free.

Free car parking to end at HIA