My car is not a Ferrari. But I paid hard earned cash for it and try my best to look after it. So it really upsets me when I return to my car parked in Dar Al Salam Mall and find this large scratch on my door. Obviously from some inconsiderate @#$#! who had hit my car with their car door when they opened it.

Scratched Car Door

I caught a  glimpse of the badly parked car next to mine (they were parked at a sever angle in the space) pulling away just as I returned. A car full of laughing men who had no concern about the damage they (well one of them anyway) had just done to my car. And yes I know it was them for reasons I will not bother to detail here.

It’s a small thing in a world full of tragedy I know. But it still upset me. I’m just glad I don’t own a Ferrari, because it’s bad enough when it happens to my lovely little car.

Anyway enough of my whining, I just hope whoever did this has a really bad day.


With little or no drainage on the roads, and buildings that are not that weather proof. When it rains in Qatar, the results are quite severe. Gridlocked roads, and heart breaking property damage.

Obviously today’s rainfall would be a light shower in comparison to what other countries get hit by. But Qatar is normally hot and rain free, so when it does rain, it’s a bad day.

I only have a little car, and I nearly drowned the poor thing going to work today. The engine started to struggle and I decided to try and reverse out rather than try and proceed forwards. And I’m glad I did, I have seen too many images today of cars stranded in the middle of road lakes.

My Little Car Nearly Drowned

At last a swimming pool you can do laps in, instead of lengths.

Flooded Running Track at Al Sadd Sports Club

It was heart breaking to see the awesome Qgym suffering rain damage. I love the place so much, and to see it in such a mess made me so sad.

Qgym Affected By Heavy Rain

Checkout Doha News for a more comprehensive story on today’s rain.