My car is not a Ferrari. But I paid hard earned cash for it and try my best to look after it. So it really upsets me when I return to my car parked in Dar Al Salam Mall and find this large scratch on my door. Obviously from some inconsiderate @#$#! who had hit my car with their car door when they opened it.

Scratched Car Door

I caught a  glimpse of the badly parked car next to mine (they were parked at a sever angle in the space) pulling away just as I returned. A car full of laughing men who had no concern about the damage they (well one of them anyway) had just done to my car. And yes I know it was them for reasons I will not bother to detail here.

It’s a small thing in a world full of tragedy I know. But it still upset me. I’m just glad I don’t own a Ferrari, because it’s bad enough when it happens to my lovely little car.

Anyway enough of my whining, I just hope whoever did this has a really bad day.