Driving Licence


When I first came to Qatar, it was a couple of months before I decided to have a go at driving on the opposite side of the road to that which I am use to, and also I needed to build up courage to do battle with the other loony drivers on the road. So although I have been here over 5 years, my driving licence has only just come up for renewal.

So off to the Traffic Department to get my licence renewed I go. Now I allocated myself a whole 2 hours to get there, find somewhere to park, cue in the waiting area and get my card produced. But as it happens it took a mere 45 minuets for the whole process including driving there and back. Parking was easy in the new building, I was in a 3 man cue at reception to get my Q-matic number for cuing, and that was about 2 minuets maximum. Then once I had my number in my hand, my number came up on the screen instantly. QR 250 and 5 minuets later I was walking back out with my shiny new driving licence valid for another 5 years. Quick, efficient and stress free. Well done Qatar Traffic Department!

If only the customs department was as efficient 🙂

New Qatar Traffic Dept.