I went to my local flik cinema to see one of this years most anticipated movies. TENET!
It’s a Sci-Fi Action movie that involves time manipulation. It’s a one of a kind and doesn’t seem to borrow from anything that came before it. I have heard people compare it to ‘Inception’. Yes it has a few twists, and some difficult to grasp concepts. But, to my relief ‘TENET’ wasn’t as hard to follow as ‘Inception’ and although both films have the same director, one Christopher Nolan, they’re completely different movies.
Special effects weren’t overused, instead the film relied upon good old-fashioned acting. Definitely not comic book in any way.
If your looking for a great action movie with a completely fresh storyline, grab some popcorn, NO grab lots of popcorn because this movie is two and a half hours long. And enjoy a clever, really well made move, with some terrific acting. Rated PG 15 and Showing in cinemas across Qatar right now.

TENET in 60 Seconds read by Brian Candy

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I paid a visit to my local Flik cinema to watch Bloodshot.

A superhero movie staring Vin Diesel as a man who got killed, is brought back to life. And now thanks to his blood consisting entirely of tiny robots, any injury such as a grazed knee, splinter in the finger or getting his face blown off heal instantly. He super strong, at one point he picks a fight with a concrete pillar and wins. And he’s an Internet of Things superhero too, with 5G always on data connection. So, he’s very clever, and…. well kind of knows everything when he’s not watching clips of kitten’s playing the piano.

On a mission to seek revenge of the killers of his wife, there’s some twists to the story that are designed to surprise you. So I’m not going to spoil it for you.

It’s Fast, it’s Furious,  it’s…. oh wait a minuet that’s another movie. Ok it’s action packed start to finish. And even with all the death and destruction, it has a story to keep you engaged.  I thought I was going to hate it, turns out, I absolutely loved it.

Bloodshot is rated 15+, is 1 hour 49 minutes long and is showing right now in cinemas across Qatar.

Qatar Quick Film Review – Bloodshot 2020

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A new Multiplex for the Al Sadd Area

Last Thursday Vic and I popped along to Mirqab Mall to tryout the newly opened Flik Cinema. For us the opening of Flik is really good news as it’s very close to where we live and has loads of free basement parking. We went to watch ‘Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle’ and paid just QR 35 each for their Gold seats (bigger seats that recline and have premium views of the screen). If we had gone for standard seats it would have been less at QR 30 each.

Flik Cinema - Mirqab Mall
Flik Cinema – Mirqab Mall

Price of snacks in Flik
Price of snacks in Flik

Snacks & Drinks

Popcorn was reasonably priced. We had a large caramel for QR 24 and it was large indeed. I actually had some left over at the end of the movie.

Price of Drinks in Flik
Price of Drinks in Flik

I ordered a large Pepsi but it was too small. Made the mistake of asking for large think I would get large, but large is small and XL is large if you get what I mean. If you only have two sizes then surely one of them is small and the other is large. Grrrr….

Vic wanted a bottle of water. But she ended up with a small Pepsi as well. Because Flik are being clever and are only selling expensive water. This makes me so angry. I refuse to pay QR 12 for a small bottle of water. Next time we will pop into Carrefour in Miqab and buy a small bottle of water for QR 1.5 before going to the cinema.



Jumanji a reboot of a classic that is better than the original

Loved the move. The new Jumanji was not what I was expecting at all. It was really, really good. Laugh out loud funny all the way through. And it wasn’t just Vic and I laughing, the theater was about 30% full and the majority were laughing with us.

It was easy for us to get to Flik in Mirqab Mall. It was easy to park in Mirqab Mall and indeed free. We watched a great movie at a really good price and had a thoroughly good evening. We recommend the cinema, the mall and the movie.

Would we go back?

We will be returning to watch something else there very, very soon.

The Miqab Mall Fountains
The Miqab Mall Fountains